Got off the phone w/JAX...lot of info on Old Legacy...and Sabrina!

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  1. I spoke to a very friendly man at JAX earlier that was very helpful! Like the two JAX ladies' I spoke to last night, he was unaware of the different leathers used to make the old and new Legacy. But this man was willing to learn about the differences. He even researched his new information books and found out I did know what I was talking about concerning the new, thinner, shiny leather used (THANKS PF!)

    I wanted to know what colors were still available in the Bridgit (11622). As I found out last night: bottle green, amethyst, black, 35 camel and 1 rose. He said there was no way to forsure get an old black Legacy Bridgit since they are all wrapped and sitting on a shelf waiting to fill orders.

    I also asked about Gigi (11131): walnut, teal, camel, whiskey and black.

    I also asked about Lily (11625). Now on Lily, he said there were quite a few of black inventory which made him think maybe the black was made of the new garcia leather because the camel was limited stock (24 bags). Not sure about that. I thought they weren't remaking any 'old' Legacy bags except the Bridgit. Maybe they JUST have a lot of black left.

    He also said, when I asked him about using the PCE on old Legacy, "I believe so'. He said the if the boutiques don't have the requested bags in their stores, they call JAX first and then as a last resort would call another boutique to get a transfer.

    I asked about the Sabrina: when it will be available and in what colors. He said the small/medium (12937, $358) is available NOW in magenta, steel, black and espresso. The cherry will be available second or third week in October.

    I hope this helps anyone who is interested.
  2. What style does the sabrina fall under or is it it's own?

  3. Madison! All Madison is PCE INCLUDED...

    Concerning the black Bridgit, there is no way to tell old from new partially because black exists for both the old line and the new. If I had to guess, though, it's old leather. The reason is just based on what was the current inventory and also what's on the binder sheets, which are only bottle green and amethyst for now. This is just a guess, though!
  4. I wonder what the steel looks like?
  5. It's a dark bluish gray.
  6. OH...I forgot, but the Erin is OK for PCE, and there's only 24 of each color at JAX (I'm assuming this is overstock, and that the Legacy shops have more??).
  7. I was trying to explain this to the JAX man. He and I agreed, Bridgit should have a different style number for the two different leathers. I would LOVE it if it's old leather.

    Black is now offered on the updated website in the Bridgit. That is why I'm concerned they have a new large inventory of new Legacy in black. I guess I can always send it back! I just don't want to miss out on one of the few old colors left because I took a chance on black. That is why I'm leaning more towards the camel....or rose!
  8. Yeah, I think that is going to be too big for me, I looked at the measurements again. Is there anything out in the steel? I want to see the color!!
  9. Hi baglady, have you seen a picture of the steel color? I was curious about this steel color after reading this post (thanks, shoperadictgirl) and called JAX. I was told it was a very light gray color and so I tried to find another gray bag from the website to compare it to. I asked if it was similar to the Legacy top handle, style 12655, and the lady told me it was about 2 shades lighter than that. I was hoping it would be a darker gray, like the braided editorial Zoe.
  10. I'm also loving this bag. Is it a cross-body or can it be a shoulder bag if adjusted to the shortest strap length? I'm 5'2.

  11. I was hoping the same thing. I wonder if the accents are gold also?
  12. Probably both.
  13. Did he say whether the Lg. Sabrina in the leather was available to order as well? I've been calling every day practically, but didn't get a chance to call today - client meetings.
  14. You can order the large sabrina now, pre-order.
  15. CRAP, it figures! I didn't think it'd be available so I planned accordingly. Hopefully I can figure something out lol... Thanks so much for this info :tup: