Got myself some new Coach earrings

  1. I saw these online & couldn't resist so when I saw them in person I had to get them, they are really cute on

  2. Congrats!!! Show us some modeling pics!!!

    I don't feel like these kind of earring look good on me.. I wish they did because they are cute!!
  3. very cute!
  4. they are cute!!

    u should get them tara
  5. The Miranda earrings. I want a pair too.
  6. gorgeous! I love them! Congrats!
  7. ooo those are very pretty! congrats!
  8. Those are too cute. I wish they would do more things in silvertone. I only wear sterling/white gold so mostly none of their jewelry works for me!
  9. Cute!
  10. those are super cute! i'm thinking about buying them for my mom for christmas :tup:
  11. I'm in love with these!!! :love:

    Congrats! they're beautiful!!! :nuts:
  12. i bought those last week!
    dont you love them!?
    i went to the outlet yesterday
    wearing these earrings and right
    when i walked in an SA complemented them!
    and while was walking around another SA
    complemented them. which makes me love
    the earrings even more than i already do...LOL.