Got myself a souvenir from Dallas, TX

  1. Here are my little pastilles! LVoe it!!!
  2. That is so cuuuuuuuuute on your phone!
  3. Very cute! What are those called, don't think I've seen those yet!
  4. congrats! seeing that Perpetual Help icon on your mobile phone, i'd say you're Filipino too ;)
  5. Cute!
  6. sweet!
  7. Cute, congrats :love:
  8. cute!!! cute plate/bowl thingy behind it too hehe!
  9. very cute congrats
    I've been waiting for multicolor one to pop up on elux forever but no luck so far
  10. how cute!! i haven't seen it in that color!
  11. Congrats! ;)
  12. Very cute!!!
  13. Oh, how cute...Congrats!!!
  14. So cute!!!
  15. ITA!