Got myself a little something...r/o

  1. My division at work took me out for a luncheon for my promotion I got last month and they collected some money. I got one of the newer Longchamp's from their Planetes line so the nylon is thicker and the leather is the same color as the nylon
  2. Absolutely gorgeous!
  3. oh that is fun...

    nice bag, congrats!!
  4. Maxi - does that bag fold up like the Pliage does? Thnx!
  5. No it doesn't.
  6. OMG That is GORGEOUS!

    I was just about to order a Le Pliage but now I'm considering this...thanks for posting and Congrats! :drool:
  7. very nice! i have to get something longchamp before my next trip...

    they seem perfect for travel.
  8. Good buy! Its beautiful!
  9. love the shape, congrats.
  10. Congrats on the bag and the promotion!
  11. Thanks for the info Maxie! I was about to order one for my Mom. Yours is gorgeous!
  12. I like it.
  13. Congrats!
  14. It's lovely! I really like the red leather with the red nylon. :yes:
  15. Congrats! Beautiful color and shape.