Got my ZC's from the NM event.....

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  1. Like many of you, I purchased two ZC's (my first!!!) from the recent NM promo. I was on the phone quite some time with someone from the Las Vegas location, and she helped me find a regular black and brown QUILTED ZC. I was surprised they had a brown quilted, but I asked her several times if it was patchwork or quilted, and she said quilted.Well, they came this morning and, of course, it was PATCHWORK. I'm sorry, but do some of these SA's not know the styles?

    Also, She said both were $450, which surprised me because I thought the soft black one was $395. Well, when I got it today, the patchwork as $450, but inside the black one had a tag for a peanut patchwork which was $ basically I was charged $450 for one that really cost $395...

    Also, she charged me $250 for each w/ the promo! I'm horrible at math but isn't this incorrect? What happens if I try to exchange the brown one? Will it be exchanged for $250?
  2. That is terrible but some SA's just really don't know much about what they sell :sad:

    $250 sounds right for something that cost $450 (since it would've been $450 minus the $200 discount) but they charged you all wrong though! My items came to $195 each since it was $395 minus $200. I would call NM and see what you can do. Sometimes, if you exchange after the promo, you might lose the discount...NM is weird like that!

    Make sure they correct the black soft calf and charge you only $395 (minus $200) and not $450!

  3. whoa. this whole order is a disaster. i would be so annoyed. first, you were overcharged for the black zc since the retail price is $395 and not $450. how much did you pay for both zc? $450, right? you were supposed to have paid the higher of the two amounts and essentially get the second one for free as far as i understood the promo to be. if you return the brown zc, then, yes, they would have to refund you $250 then they should also refund you the price adjustment of the other zc cause you probably overpaid for that one. did that make sense at all?
  4. i read in the deals and steals thread that the discount wouldn't be lost if you happened to return one of the items though. this was such a good, but confusing sale.
  5. ^Oh good!!! :tup:
  6. Sorry that you have had such a bad streak with SA. But I am happy that you got one of the items that you really wanted. Congrats. Hope it all works out... I know that it will. :flowers:
  7. Man I knew this sale event would cause so much confusion. Just another reason why I am going to keep the soft calf black zc instead of trying to exchange it for a patent one :P Good luck finding a SA that knows what they are doing. It's such a pet peeve when I know more about the items and what should be available than the people who are paid to just ring it up :rolleyes: Seriously the only Knowledgable SA's I've had the pleasure of conversing about MJ with are all from Nordstrom!
  8. ^Totally agree. Nordstrom SA's are more knowledgable and not a pain to deal with. Anyway after looking at my Eugenie closer, I realized there's a scratch in the MJ plate in the front flap. I wanted to exchange it but I am afraid it will be a problem so I would just keep what I have.
  9. ^^ boo.. the one i saw on display had scratches too and the NM SA said that's how they come. Ummm, not really. So i had her look for one in the back, and that one was less handled so I took that one.
  10. ^Surprisingly, mine came from the back. It looks a lot less handled than the one out but still there's some surface scratches. The hardware looks very sensitive though...

    Anyway, I bought it in Chicago when we were there for spring break but I was hoping to exchange in SF but after all this NM SA dilemma, I think I will hold on to mine. The scratches are minimal. I will try to post pics when I get my other goodies and you can let me know if I need to exchange or not ;)
  11. thank you all for reassuring me about the soft calf price- i thought I was going nuts!

    So how would it work if I wanted to get the black one adjusted to $195 instead of $250? Do I have to call the same SA? Can it be done over the phone? She is in Las Vegas so that will be hard for me to go in
  12. ^They should be able to help you at any NM location...just go to the one closest to you. Might be less painful than over the phone (doubt they can do this over the phone anyway).
  13. Oh, I hope you get it resolved... I haven't received my ZC yet. They said they will ship it and I was already charged. You think NM ran out of soft calf black ZCs? Kidding!
  14. so, I called and she said she was able to do the price adjustment over the phone. But I looked at my banking and she just charged me for both of them again....I hope she credited the first purchased, otherwise I will be veeeeeerrrry angry! Still, even though she apologized, I don't think it's asking much for a SA to understand what soft calf, patchwork, and quilted mean, as well as the prices of each of them!
  15. Wow. I would be so upset. I'm glad she's helping you w/ the price adjustment. Sometimes these retails try to get cute w/ the sales..but this one was a little confusing.