Got my YSL Tributes today

  1. So I decided to pre-order these. And thanks to the advice of those who posted on my thread about pre-ordering I got a little smaller than my regular size, and they fit perfectly. I didn't expect them to come this soon, so I'm excited. I wanted the lower heel ones so I can wear them to work. I just hope they don't come off as too stripperish when I wear them. Not that I mind shoes that have that look, but I don't want to look ridiculous wearing them to work. I have to say I really like them though and they are very comfortable.
    YSL1.jpg YSL2.jpg YSL3.jpg YSL4.jpg
  2. More pics....
    YSL5.jpg YSL6.jpg YSL7.jpg YSL8.jpg
  3. I love them! They are not stripperish at all! theyre demure with a kick! They will be cute with alot of work outfits!
  4. thanks! I tend to be a little fetishy in the shoes that I like, so I have to be careful I don't go overboard. I used to work with an attorney who must have had a shoe fetish or something because every time I wore shoes that were sort of fetish or stripper-like his eyes would get all big and he'd go, "Oooh, I like your shoes."
  5. Oh my gosh haha that would creep me out! Just be prepared for envious stares because those are truely beautiful.
  6. Those are GORGEOUS! Such a nice shape and absolutely stunning! Not stripper-ish at all.
  7. oh i love them! they are my most wanted shoe of the moment!
  8. love them! congrats!
  9. lovely shoes! congrats
  10. I love them!
  11. :roflmfao: Hysterical! Was it like a good compliment or was it one of those really creepy compliments???? :roflmfao: Too funny!

    They look great! Congrats!
  12. They are so hot! Wear them well and get ready for the compliments. :smile:
  13. I agree - they're beautiful and not at all stripperish. Thanks for posting the modeling photos!

  14. No, it wasn't creepy coming from him. He was a cool guy.
  15. I love those, congrats!!