Got my Yosca necklace, what to wear it with?

  1. Ok I got this today and am not sure it's going to work for me. Looks great on Nicole Richie with her cute flowy dresses but I don't have any like that. What else can I wear this necklace with? I tried it with a black dress, but the gold/black combo looked pretty harsh. I think it looks great w/the lighter colors like pale yellow, orange...maybe white?


  2. i think that it'd look cute with a non-embellished tank and jeans or a peasanty dress......

    and i absolutely love the doggie in your avatar....someone e-mailed me it the other day and i was in love :love::love:

  3. I couldnt have said it better myself! Jeans & tank or a light bouncy dress... I Also love the doggy! :upsidedown: