Got my WoC!!!

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  1. Went to NM on 1st day of double InCircle = 1k extra bonus points and they had just received new stock of WoCs :biggrin::

    I knew I didn't want the caviar one w/o quilting so I was thrilled to see this one!
    We're going back to Italy in May so I thought this little bag could be particularly useful for the trip.
    You can adjust the long chain to wear it on the should, messenger or like a wristlet/clutch.

    I love this!!!

    I also tried to score some Louboutin's but the ones I want were out of stock. Hopefully they'll get them transferred in next week:woohoo:

    'scuse my clothing :s
    I'm about 5'3" for reference

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  2. Aw I love it!
  3. I love it! Great modeling photos :smile:
  4. nice! :tup:

    ha, i was almost blinded by the huge stone on the pic#4.:P
  5. I love it, Amanda, it looks great on you!! It is so cute and perfect for Italy!
  6. Me too, I had to put my sunglasses on... :cool:
  7. Chanel sunnies I presume!? :P :lol:

    Thanks y'all!:winkiss:
  8. I was trying to show it could be hand carried. . . I didn't realize until after I took the photos that I didn't wind up the chain enough times to make it hand held! LOL!:Push:
  9. What a great buy, every mom needs a hands-free bag. And its so cute and classy at the same time. I love it, congrats.
  10. Love your new WoC Swanky! The more I see photos of this bag, the more I want it. Seems so cute and practical. I love your ring too!
  11. I love it on you! I have the same one, and it is very convenient for traveling. Yes, one definitely needs some sunglasses to look at the 4th picture! :P
  12. Of course Chanel sunnies, what else? :supacool: (the ones I still have to take pictures of for the ref library :whistle:)

    If you can find the time, could you please tell me the length of the chain? I should so not be asking you this.....I'm on a purse ban :girlsigh:
  13. Love the WoC, and love the bling too! I have to PM you...there is a fantastic little rest. in Rome that DH and I had lunch in nearly every day when we were there last month(and when we were there the year before!) It's just at the bottom of via condotti! Will look up the exact address and PM you with it if you would like.:flowers:
  14. What a great classic piece! You will have it forever. I think it is a GREAT bag for travel too - or to keep in another bag and then take it out for evening. I love the versatility - you get your $$$ worth!

    Congrats Swanky!!
  15. It looks awesome!! is it lambskin then? How much damage did it do??

    You took great pictures!