Got my white medallion today!

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  1. I got my white medallion today!!! LOVE IT!!! thanks for everyone's input on the color!!:tup:

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  2. beautiful
  3. so pretty, congrats, looks great on you
  4. Congrats!! it looks very nice on you!
  5. I love the Medallion! You look so nice! Congrats.
  6. Looks gorgeous on you! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. I love it! GREAT for the summer weather we have in Chicago right now! :smile:
  8. awesome!! congratsss
  9. Wow, it looks gorgeous on you! Just perfect with that outfit! Congratulations and enjoy!
  10. It's really pretty, and fits you well.
  11. Awwwww so pretty!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  12. Looks fab on you, congrats~
  13. very nice, congrats!
  14. Beautiful!!! I love seeing white Chanels!!!
  15. You look great w/ that bag! Congrats!