Got my Wapity!! Elux RULES!

  1. They're SOOOO fast with shipping.

    Unfortunately, the cles is going back.
    My damn key and the silly little box with the buttons doesn't even FIT in the damn thing and I think it's just too small to carry around my basice necessities. :oh: Oh well.

    The Wapity is PERFECT though!!
    Took it out today with all the essentials: cell phone, cash, cards and keys. It's the ideal size for toting stuff around and since I tend to be more of a minimalist, it's nice that nothing is sliding all around a purse :smile:

    Now if that damn THEDA would just get here already!!
    I paid for it on Saturday. It wasn't shipped until THURSDAY and according to the post office, it can take an average of FIVE days to arrive since Priority Mail isn't actually GUARANTEED in 2-3 days.
    The waiting is excruciating.
    I did see that some of the other auctions from my seller have arrived safe and sound with good feedback, so hopefully the wait won't be much longer.
    I was hoping that it would be here on Saturday so really, evertime I come home to see that there's no box on my porch, it's actually RUINING my entire day!! :sad:
  2. Yay wapity! Enjoy it!
  3. What wapity did you get? Mono or MC? Post pics, please!
  4. Congrats on your Wapi-love!
  5. Congrats! And I hope your Theda arrives in no time!
  6. Congrats on the Wapity! By the way, I got a cles last week, and there's no way my keys and remote entry thingy will fit in there, but I just leave the keys outside the cles.
  7. Tammy518 - I have those chunky remotes too. What I found helpful was to loop your remote in a small ring, then hook the small ring (now with your chunky remote chained in) into the key holder.
  8. That's what I decided to do.
    The cles is really for when I use the MC Theda and I don't want to carry my mono wallet.
    I figured that as long as I have something to hold my "essential" cards: ATM, credit card, license and some cash, I don't need to carry a wallet at all.

    And it's a cheaper alternative to buying a $300-$500 wallet just to match a bag that's purely for the summer months and not even an everyday bag.

    The thing was too damn cute.
    I kept staring at it and staring at it...then I changed the faceplate on my phone so that it would match LOLOLOLOL.
    I just didn't have the heart to send it back! :love:
  9. I got the mono, but I'm so in love with it, the MC might be my next purchase.
    I can't believe how much STUFF it holds!
    Today I had my camera, phone, credit cards, license, money and keys in that little bitty thing!

    Here's a pic:
  10. I Love Your Purchases!!! Enjoy!
  11. Congrats!!!