Got my Vogue Fall bags...TO DIE FOR!

  1. :amazed: Everyone get the Vogue Magazine..There is a newer version of the Gaucho ..I think...not a Dior expert....that is TOTALLY HOT!Also some AMAZING Chanel bag pics..Dont know how to scan them in..if someone has it and knows how..would appreciate it...This Dior bag is on my most wanted list now!!...LOL!Check it out....
  2. Jill - I think I saw the Dior bag in the new W mag w/Madonna on the cover.

    I too thought "WOW" on the Dior. Was it pictured in the army green color?
  3. yep-It was army green and had some kind of metal clasp on the shoulder strap??! So want that bag!!LOL!
  4. Indeed, how lovely it is!...wonder how long we have to wait before it's available? I've been oh so good lately :devil:.
  5. ^ i just got a message from my SA at Saks in NY saying a new version of the Gaucho came in...hhmm...wonder if this is it??? I cant call..I am on a spending freeze withh PHH for 2 more weeks...sniff...someone call and find out! LOL!
  6. LOL - I do wonder if it is alread hitting the sales floors?

    I will be in Vegas in July - I can wait til then to go to the Dior boutique and see what the new bags look like.

    I did very much like that bag though...:yes: ...would love to see it in a dark brown.:love:
  7. Oh my goodness, i better check this one out first before buying another gaucho. I have been thinking of buying the burgundy gaucho..:hrmm:

    Does someone has pics of this gaucho that Jill is reffering to? OR I can go the grocery store to see if I can get a peek of it.:graucho:
  8. Thanks a lot Jill, now I have to go out and buy a copy of Vogue. :lol:
  9. is it the one with uma on the cover? i need to pick it up then...
  10. dang, I forgot to get a copy! I had a birthday lunch today (not my b'day) and totally forgot about getting the mag.
    I saw one new frame gaucho in e-bay and oooh it is TDF bag! the price is around 3K something at least that how much it is listed for.
    Is that the same one??
  11. Jill, is it the newest Vogue, with Keira on the cover?
  12. I just picked it up today!
  13. Whaaaaaa, I just checked the 8 magazines I bought and I don't have it, WHAAAAAAAAAAA!
  14. I must figure out this stupid scanner thing..Dont know how to use it....Maybe I will send the mag to my hubbys secretary tomorrow and see if she will do it for me!!LOL!
  15. Got it! The Vogue with Uma on the cover had a divine Dior bag!!! Cannot wait to see this one in person!