Got my vitello daino hobo today--keep?

  1. I just got my vitello daino hobo today from Bergdorf. It was $640. How easy is it to keep white clean, especially since I wear a lot of dark denim? Should I wait for a darker one to turn up or should I just keep this white one for summer? How does the size look on me? Thanks!

  2. I think the bag looks fabulous on you!
    Great price and beautiful summer bag.
  3. The bags look good on you, it's a nice bag but I am not a fan of a white bag. Anyway, you have a good deal.
  4. The size looks good on you -- I agree. I sent a similiar bag back (it had a tiny flaw too) and have to say, the white made me really nervous. But you did get an amazing price.
  5. I like it, looks cute on you! For that price, I would keep it, even if white would be hard to keep clean. It would make a great spring/summer bag.
  6. Looks great on you. I say keep it.
  7. keep it!! the bag looks stunning on you!!
  8. Have you tried using it yet? I found the bag to be too large for me because I couldn't get to anything in it. The white looks great on you!
  9. looks great on you! :tup:
  10. Congratulations!!