Got my very first coach!

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  1. i told myself that if (im pretty sure it will happen eventually) i'm going to start collecting (name brand) purses in all shapes and sizes, i'll do it slowly - so as to not be in big debt by the time im 25. lol. so i'm first starting with accesories. :yes:

    ...well i just got back from Coach (from lunch break) and i got the sig soho wristlet in dark brown and a charm initial! :wlae: :yahoo:

    no pics yet since im still at work. :lol:
  2. cute!

    i love the new charm initals...mine is yellow :smile:

    congrats on your first piece! mine was a wrislet and a keyfob (almost the same thing)

    yep, start slow, don't fall into debt.
  3. very cute. Can't wait to see pics. My first coach was small as well. Start slow and have fun collecting
  4. i was initially leaning towards the stripe wristlet but the SA told me it's harder to keep clean and maintain. so i got the signature instead.

    i saw the sig gallery tote, and it was lovely!! now im really thinking of getting that.. but i didn't get the chance to try it out - i was almost in a hurry. lol
  5. twisted - congrats on your new stuff!! I love that wristlet and the charms are so cute -enjoy them (and have fun building up that collection!).
  6. Congrats I'm getting my first charm this weekend (clover). Can't wait to see pictures.
  7. I'm totally lusting over those tote's too! Congrats and welcome to your new addiction :cutesy:
  8. Congrats! I heard the same thing about the satin material...Yet I also heard that baby wipes work very well..Believe it or not! Enjoy your purchase and start off slow...No need to go over board..YET...until you get to be my age and can't help yourself! :heart: Emmy
  9. willowsmom - oh i sure will! :lol:

    pursefanatic85 - i'll post pics in a little bit. i just got home. :upsidedown:

    dustypaws - when i first saw the pics online at the site, i said to myself - 'eh?' but when a PFer post her pics of the bag, i was like ':nuts: :drool: ' :roflmfao:

    EMMY - oh yeah the SA said something about that. but she also said that i should be really careful with it. because there might be some stains that just won't come off. and i don't want that to happen. so the very cautious me opt for the signature. :shame:
  10. Congrats and enjoy. You'll be hooked now.
  11. PICS!! :supacool: (sorry, they're a tad big)​




  12. Very cute! Congrats on your first purchase!! :love:
  13. thanks vickitoria! :smile:
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats.