Got my turquoise simple 85's today

  1. I am so glad I went with this color. I am looking forward to wearing them with dresses and jeans! The box was a bit crushed and there are some wrinkles on the upper back of the shoes above the heel :sad: I am almost positive this was the last pair, so I will check with my SA. I so love the color though so I am happy. :girlsigh:
    Blue simples.jpg simple modeling.jpg
  2. Oh those are insane , I love them !
  3. Congrats! Such a great color! Looks even higher than 85mm.
  4. GORGEOUS!!! congrats I really love them, where did you getr them?
  5. Those are so beautiful. I am imagining all of the ways that you can wear them both highlighting the shoe by wearing neutral colors and making them a piece of a colorful ensemble. Congrats!!!
  6. They are too cute!!
  7. That will be perfect with all the bright colors this spring/summer. Beautiful!!!
  8. Are those patent or kid?
  9. purrrrrrrttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  10. AMazing!!! These must be the ones Kamilla saw around Christmas time... Immediately called my SA and there were already none left in my size... I wonder if any of the stores will get anymore???
  11. I just saw the blue simples at Saks! I couldn't find a pair in anything in my size, but the blue simples on display there also had a lot of wrinkling near the heel area. I had the same problem with the magenta simples that I returned.

    Love the color of yours...
  12. Gorgeous!!!
  13. I love them!
    The more and more I see the simples the more it makes me want to grab them!...which I think I will end up doing but I cant decide on which color
  14. Wow those are beautiful!
  15. Beautiful shoes and color!
    They are going to look amazing to wear them around town in the summertime!