1. So I went to Siam Discovery today and I'm happy to say that I got the Trasporto Caramella!!! The lady at the shop was so nice and smiling all the time :smile:

    Anyways , I havent put all my pencils inside it yet, but I will soon. Quick question though: Can I remove the tags from the Caramella? I mean the tags with the info about Tokidoki ...

    It's just that Ive noticed some of the ones being sold on E-bay still have the tags attached to them ... If I remove the tags, will that lessen my chances of selling it in the future(just in case) ?

    Anyhow.. Without further ado... Here are the pics !!! :yahoo: I LOVE THE MOTHER SQUIRREL PUSHING THE BABY SQUIRREL ON THE STROLLER :wlae: It's so cute hehe... I've officially become an addict ...

    Plus, I got the print placement that I wanted ! :p

    I'm so happy ...




    WOOOOOOOOT WOOT :supacool: lol
  2. Congratulations on your new trasporto caramella-awesome print placement!

    I personally take off the Tokidoki info tags before I use the item, but I keep them. If you ever want to sell it, you could always include the info tags or re-attach them to the leather loops.
  3. Yaaaay glad you got it! You should definitely take the tags off before using it.
  4. I love Sandy with the elephant! It's so cute :biggrin:

    I would take off the tags (and maybe the beads too) and put them someplace safe.
    Personally, I even remove the qees. My first bag ever, I left the qee on, and within a couple of weeks his little head just snapped off :crybaby:
  5. Your caramella looks great. About the tags, you can just pop the chain open and slip it through the loops to remove it.
  6. I love it! I ordered a Transporto Ciao Ciao yesterday. I'm really hoping I get the cherries on the bike (we grow cherries) right in the middle of my bag. Enjoy you new pencil case! :balloon:
  7. Congrats!!!
    It's very cute! Enjoy your new caramella!

    Altho one thing that bugs me is that one end of the zipper has no "lock", so I always need to be extra careful when opening the zip.. If I pull the zipper all the way, it's going to fly off the other end..

    Are all Caramellas like this??
  9. cute!
  10. That is just way too cute! Congratulations :biggrin:
  11. congrats!! i'm so glad the lady held it for you. :smile:
  12. if you take the tags off, they are pretty easy to put back on in the future. congrats on your super cute caramella.
  13. Your print placement has my fav characters, the magic carpet ride.

    HUH?? You mean if you don't pull the zipper all the way?
  14. im so happy you got it ^_^