Got my Tano Minilisa.. did i buy a fake!?

  1. I received my Tano minilisa today. I ordered from I compared it to my sister's (she got hers from lunaboston in december) and pictures from Lexie's and my lining is PURPLE not BROWN and the hardware studs are round and not flat! Did I receive a fake bag???! :crybaby:
  2. What's the name of the color you ordered?

  3. i got it in brusciato brown.

    any advice? :sad:
  4. Hey Alexandra - keep us posted????:confused1: They don't make fake Tanos???!!!!! Especially from thatsourbag. They're on the up and up. They're too big to take that kind of risk. No - I'm thinking that maybe depending on the color, the lining was different. Maybe last season's hardware was slightly different too. Sit tight guys - I'm sure ALL WILL BE OKAY!!!!:sweatdrop:
  5. jchiara is right. That's Our Bag is a big, legit store in Chicago which has been in business for many years (I even bought a piece of luggage there once.) They are also an authorized Tano dealer.

    Nevermind that I have MAJOR beef with them because they were copying my photos and text onto their website (without my permission, obviously.) They even had the nerve to deny it when I confronted them. I had to "prove" myself by pointing out a spelling error in my text that was on their site as well, and that their Tano pictures had my .jpg names! Ultimately they did remove most-not all- of my pics from their site, but they were rude and arrogant about it, and nver even apologized. They probably do over a million dollars in sales a year in that store...they can affford to hire someone to take pics instead of copy them from a mom like me who is trying to raise three little children while running a busy business single handedly!:cursing:

    Secondly, I have never seen fake Tano bags. Copies of Tano's styles? Yes. Fake Tanos? No. We have been selling Minilisa for a few seasons now and I can't say that I've noticed the hardware changing, but it certainly is possible. Tano will sometimes change the hardware for one reason or another. As for the lining, all of our Tano crunch leather bags in brusciato brown have a purple lining. So in short, I would not be concerned if I were you.
  6. Your Tano crunch in brusciato have purple lining now? How come Lexie's minilisa in brusciato brown has a brown lining? I bought the minilisa because I saw her pictures and loved it.
  7. All of our brown minilisas are brand new for Spring 07 and they all have purple lining and domed rivets. If your sister bought hers in December, it must have been from the Fall, or even earlier. It's possible that Tano changed the lining and hardware at some point. I wouldn't suspect that it's a fake if I were you. But if you arent happy with the bag, send it back!
  8. Wowee TanoExpertAlexandra! 3 kids! I have four myself - and I'm one busy lady - so I'm really really impressed that you're doing all of this plus raising the kids. Wow. :wlae:
  9. woo hoo gooo alexandra!!
  10. How old are yours? Mine are 13 months, 2 1/2 and 5. They are sleeeping now. This forum has gotten to be a bit of an addiction for me. Like I dont have enought to do already! But I do have a passion for handbags and expecially for Tano bags, so its a lot of fun!
  11. Hey you - I have two girls and two boys - and in that order they're 11, 8, 6 and 4. I wish I could do something like you do here on the West Coast. I have a crazy passion for bags too - and I love Tano....Is musthavebag your own business????
  12. Alexandra...I just bought my MiniLisa from you less than 2 weeks ago and it does indeed have brown lining. No purple here.

  13. Wow, your kids are spaced like mine... at what point does it start to get easier? The one and two and a half year old combo is tough. The 5 year old is no problem. And yes, this is my own business.

    Lexie, I'm surprised your lining is brown. Like I said, all the brusciato brown minilisas that we have in stock right now have purple linings (albeit this is a brand new shipment that just arrived this week) and I don't recall them ever having brown lining. But then again, I rarely open up the bags to look at the lining unless a customer emails me to ask me what color the lining is before making a purchase. Tano may have used some brown lining at some point (if they ran out of purple, or whatever.) Varied lining colors does not by any means indicate that the bags are "fake"!
  14. My minilisa has brown lining too, but I'm not sure if it was bought from musthavebag. Maybe only the new stock have purple linings? I checked out musthavebag last week and you temporarily ran out of stock of minilisa, so probably the last pieces before stock ran out all had brown lining?
  15. crap! i like the minilisa now too! on top of a few other tano bags lol

    not so much on the stock photo but from the pictures you guys took!

    can someone "model" their minilisa? lol