got my shirise order!!!!

  1. ok-- so I got my shirise order and I ended up only getting one bag (originally I had placed an order for two shrugs, but I had never seen the style IRL, didnt want to take my chance with something I might not have liked + final sale)....i got the lilac shurg....the UPS man just dropped it off and I open the box with excitment and my initial reaction to the bag was this : :blink: joke :lol:

    the bag is way smaller then i had expected...I thought it was as big as the hobo, but with a flap kwim? NO. its smaller and dosent sag like day..ugh.

    so with that said, I obviously have to keep it -FINAL SALE-..but im going to list it on ebay and since u guys all scower ebay 348530 x a day I dont want this to be a surprise when I list question is do you think I should list it at the sale price or do you think I should list it for a little below retail? (Im not trying to be greedy, but afterall...everyone (admit it or not) wants maximum out of a sell kwim) :graucho:

    I dont want to be known as the greedy :censor: ! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Hmmmmm. Can you post pics?
  3. i'd say put the starting bid to cover all your expenses + ebay + paypal fees. That way, at least you'll break even. And with ebay, you'll never know, it might just go up close to retail!
  4. I would list it a little under what you paid - or list it for exactly what you paid including the shipping.

    Anyone can call up a store and buy this bag; so, you have to offer it fairly. Be honest in your auction and hopefully it will sell for you.

    You could call Shirise and make a fuss maybe they will let you do exchange???

    Good luck :flowers:
  5. It's small? That's funny--It looks big in the photos. Sorry you didn't like it. Keep in mind that ebay fees and paypal fees will eat up close to a hundred dollars, so you might want to start your auction at about $100 over what you paid, if you want to break even.
  6. i have mine and have been using it and think it is pretty darn big. i just looked at the dimensions -- it is 1" shorter than the day and 2" narrower but 1" deeper. and mine sags, though not as much as my hobo.

    sorry you don't like it! i have been getting compliments on this one too.
  7. I don't think it's fair to call Shirise. I mean, why should you fuss if you knew it was final sale? It's not the retailer's fault you don't like the bag and it makes it harder for customers who have legitimate grips to get satisfaction from retailers when people abuse the return system because of buyer's remorse. Besides, maybe when you put it on ebay, it will get bid up and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  8. No one is going to accuse you of being greedy. That's what Ebay is all about. If you find a GREAT deal on something & don't want it for yourself, then by all means sell it & make a profit. Then you have enough money to buy what you really want. I would list it enough below retail where it would be worth someone bidding on it instead of them going directly to the boutique. At the price you got the bag for, you will still make a little money. Then buyer & seller are both happy! Good luck with your auction!
  9. It's cuter than I thought now that I can see it from many angles. I wouldn't like the semi-open top--for me, that would mean that my stuff might fall out, but stylistically, it's an interesting variation IMO
  10. I think it's so cute.... do you have pics of you carrying it? where do you located? I just checked my tracking number, I'll receive it on friday... why it's so long......
  11. i kinda like it-it's cute. as much as i like it though, it's not practical for me (kids always in tow)-sorry. good luck with your sale. i don't think you will have any problems selling this bag.
  12. In my oh so humble opinion, I think it's really pretty.
  13. Ooooh it's so pretty, Love the color. Wish I had been in time to get a lilac but they only had Origan left. I'm looking forward to it though. I was hoping it would arrive today, we shall see :smile:

  14. its cute!!