Got my SFAM Jeans but a little upset about size. Will Lexie stretch ?


Apr 12, 2008
I got my SFAM jeans yesterday.

I ordered the Lexie Dojo & Lexie A Pocket in 27.

Now Lexie is ok Dojo is tight as it is a bit higher rise. I think it is about 1 inch too small around the waist.

How can this be ? Will it eventually stretch ? It has about 2% elastane whatever that means ! But then again the A Pocket also have 2% elastane but sure feel way stretchier !

I think I should have ordered the Dojo in 28.

I cant exchange as the shipping back & forth will be the same with the price of the jeans.

FYI to add to the injury, my tummy is very bloated due to the meds I am taking. But my doctor say it is ok to stop the meds as my thyroid is under control now.

Hopefully after stopping the meds my tummy is a bit flat again so I can fit into these jeans as I love them & their shape !

I dont know whether to sell the Dojo on ebay or wish that I will eventually fit into them (jeans stretch + me unbloated).


Nov 28, 2007
i say keep em .. if they are only 1" too small in the waist im sure when your bloating is down they will be good

think about it this way .. when your on your period and your bloated .. you cant fit into a lot of your jeans. . but when your not on your period they fit fine



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Sep 26, 2007
7FAMs stretch pretty quickly. I've got 3 pairs of A-pockets (and only bought one at retail price! :wlae:) and two pairs of boot cuts with a little stretch. My 7FAMs (except for one pair) are a size larger than my regular denim size. They're just more comfortable that way.
Jul 31, 2006
They will stretch but it might be 'painful' until they do! I've had jeans that started out way too tight and after a number of wears (3-5) they finally stretch out and are perfect. If jeans are not a little tight when you first buy them, they will definitely end up too loose.

Just don't ever put the jeans in the dryer!