Got my Setela!!! Now, two questions...

  1. Came home tonight to find my new large Gustto Setela in beige. It's yummy, and at 40% off from SummerBlu it was a steal. Now, here are two questions for you Gustto experts:

    1) Call me paranoid, but can someone confirm 100% that SummerBlu sells the real deal? The price ($387) seems too good to be true. (Also, the bag has two very cheap "Made in Mexico" tags sewn into the inside lining -- one on the side, one right under the leather Gustto label --which are making me suspicious.)

    2) The beige leather is very cool, but seems like it might pick up stains easily. What protectant do you ladies recommend for the beige leather?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  2. Gustto does have the big Made in Mexico tag inside so it is real. :smile:
  3. yep my baca has made in mexico and it came from their SS so dont worry!!!!
  4. Thanks, I feel better now.

    The leather on this bag is TDF -- really thick and squishy. For those who have asked in the past the bag is HUGE, but that's okay for me since I love large bags.

    Of course it's raining here today (welcome to Philadelphia) so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to try it out.

  5. My Baca and my Torlia both were made in Mexico.
    I sprayed Wilson's leather protectant on mine. It does help alot. I put it on all my bags.