Got my second pair of Loubs! Black Simples in 100mm! (Pics)

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  1. They look outstanding on you. Great choice. Congrats on your second pair. And your third will be???? :graucho:
  2. they look AMAZING on you! i love my simples 100. what a classic. i wore them out shopping today actually, and they were super super comfy. i even ran in them! Great choice for sure!!
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Thanks everyone! And yes there will be a third pair..... Numero Prives!!!
  5. Fab. love the outfits too.
  6. I've been so out of question....that you've already answered is what will number 3 be?

    Congrats - I am a huge fan of the Simples!
  7. So pretty. I definitely need a pair as well, they go with everything.
  8. What an excellent 2nd choice!
    They look amazing on you.
    It sounds like your well on your way....
  9. Very Cute - love the dress!
  10. ^^^Thanks!

    Well I am wearing them at work today and they are awesome! So comfortable!

    And they are very sweet looking with the rounded toe (but with a little sex appeal of course!).
  11. Great choice!
  12. congrats! It looks gorgeous on you. I actually got the same shoes..regular leather (i believe they call it KIT leather or something like that) in 85mm heels. I'd love the 100 but i thin it's too do u like them? are they hard to walk in?
  13. lovely!
  14. They are super easy to walk in! But I do wear a lot of heels so maybe I am used to it. They are way easier than 120 mm heels though, even without the platform.
  15. Excellent choice-I love the simples!