got my sapin bigger better though?

  1. well, i got my sapin first in the mail and the color is TDF!!! amazing green and i totally love it. my dilemma is that i can't decide how much i am loving the size of the bag. i ordered a first, thinking i would want something mainly for evening and going out to dinner. i think part of the issue is that every other bag i own is HUGE. so i have like 2 days to decide if i want to bump it up to the city size or keep the first. i am pretty sure i will buy another larger bag in the fall when the new colors come out (i.e. mini bowler) or something larger so i will definitely have the opportunity to get a larger size later. i just want to know if those of you that have bought the first are happy with the size long term or do you wish you would have bought a larger size like the city? i don't have time to grow into the bag and think about it so i am soliciting your help. if i return/excahnge it, i have to pay a $50 restock fee to aloha rag plus return shipping (at least $20).

    no room in my budget for a $1K mistake....i've bought 3 bags in less than a month so this is it for a little while! any help is appreciated.
  2. I just went through the same thing and decided that that first is just too small. I had found a great ink first so it was really hard to return it but I just knew the size would limit me so much. Since then I have found two city bags (not ink, though) that I like so much better than the ink first. I think a good alternative to the first (in addition to the obvious city, which I love) would maybe be a twiggy? I am seriously thinking about a sapin twiggy myself. Good luck!
  3. Maybe you should get a box? I know the box came in sapin. Its still small enough for evening but won't make you feel like you are carrying around a matchbox for a purse.
  4. my dilemna exactly. First is great but mine is always so stuffed up/ However, I already have a few Cities wondering what next/// on top of the anthracite City I want.. I think the key is deciding what you will be using it for.
  5. Box is a great alternative! I just bought a silver box on eBay and can't wait to get it. I agree with a post I saw in another thread, take the shoulder strap off of it though, it is too long. I think Aloha Rag still has the box in sapin.
  6. I have a Sapin city and I love it!!I don´t like big bags but city dosen´t fell like a big bag. My Sapin is my favorit bag. I wear it to work, to partys, when I shop...
    Go for the city you won´t regret it:heart: :heart:
  7. Hi there!

    I've just been through exactly the same thing with a Teal first... I adore the colour but wasn't sure if it was big enough. The difference is I want a day bag; so have sent it back and got my hands on a Teal city.
    If I wanted an evening bag I would say the first is perfect and it's nice to have diff sizes too. If you plan on buying another bag next season- go for a bigger one then....
    Thats my opinion anyway!:yes:
  8. I would exchange it for a City. I am not wild about the first. I'm 5'7" and the size with the shortness of the strap just don't appeal to me. I like the flat brass because the strap is longer and somehow that balances the bag. The first is one of my least favorites.
  9. get the city :yahoo:
  10. I may be the odd one out but I love the first size. My only drawback is when I want to bring a note book or my laptop, it obviously won't work.
  11. I'm biased because I adore big bags. I would say that the City is a good med sized bag :yes:
  12. I think what size you like will be your personal preference plus what you think flatters your body/silhouette.

    I love the cities that I have, but I'm finding more than I'm drawn to the firsts. I find that the first fits all my essentials and prevents me from lugging around things I don't really need. So I switch it up depending on my mood.

    Lately I've been leaning towards my firsts, but that may just be because I've gone about a month solely using my cities.
  13. Thanks everyone for the responses. I just faxed in an order to grab the Sapin City and i'm taking the First to FedEx today to return. I figure I will be comfortable for sure with the larger bag and if I am still craving a smaller one in the fall, I'll try one of the smaller bags again then. So many's too hard to pick!
  14. Is that AR's last sapin city? I am thinking I need one, too! :yes:
  15. I LOVE the Classique--my favorite size, in a few colors.