Got My Sac Rayures GM, Miroir Heart & Cosmetic Case!!!(pics inside!!!)

  1. I went to go pick up my new LV stuff today:yahoo:! According to the little booklet that the Sac Rayures GM came with, it's Monogram Tisse----canvas is made of cotton and linen that has a vintage aspect thanks to the use of the ink jet printing technique and its finishing which makes it more resistant. It also has tinted cowhide tanned leather trimming, white calf leather & cotton canvas lining.

    My store hasn't received the gold miroir cosmetic case, yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it by next week or so. I also got the gold miroir heart for myself and the silver cosmetic case for my little girl:love:. I'm soooo happy:yahoo:!!!
    sr.JPG sr1.JPG sr2.JPG sr3.JPG sr4.JPG
  2. more pics:wlae:....
    sr5.JPG sr8.JPG sr9.JPG
  3. wow... the heart purse and the cosmetic case are awesome.. congrats..
  4. Gorgeous congrats! I love the Rayur , I saw it irl the other day and i love the blue on it!
  5. Thanks for sharing the pics...congratulations!!!
  6. Awesome love the bag! I want the Cosmetics Case in Silver for my mom.
  7. O WOW, everything looks great!! It's beautiful! I love the vintage look!
  8. lovely! congrats! i'm beginning to like the cosmetic case.
  9. very nice, congrats!
  10. congrats!!!
  11. yay congrats!!!
  12. very nice congrats!!!
  13. Verrrry nice!! Congrats on your new goodies!
  14. Congrats! Love the Rayures, It looks so vintage!
  15. Oh wow, you got 3 amazing items! I cannot pick a favorite, they are all fab! Congrats!