Got my Ruby MAM from LunaBoston!

  1. Yay!!! Just heard from LB that they've taken in my Ruby MAM order. Can't wait till they ship it and it arrives on my doorstep!! :yahoo:
  2. I'm waiting for one too! Congrats! Do you mean they actually charged your card and is shipping?
  3. No, they sent me an email to say they've taken my order and will be charging my card once the stocks arrive from RM. :graucho:
  4. That makes you, me, and our fearless forum moderator Gung! :party:Just maybe, it's the color of the Tryst Ruby on Jc Madison.
  5. ^oh no no no! Im not a moderator! LOL
  6. Muhahahahaahahahaaha!!!!!
  7. ^^ OK if you won't want the "mod" title then we'll just call you the reigning RM queen!!

    riceandsoup, I can't wait to see this bag! Did they give you an estimated ship date?
  8. balihai, nope, they didn't. But I'm happy just knowing that I will (eventually) get one!

    And Gung, add me to the list of seconders for your promotion to moderator of this forum!
  9. That title of this thread is so misleading. My heart jumped into my throat when I saw it, thinking you actually had the ruby MAM in your grubby little hands. Lol. You are such a tease.
  10. LOL circoit I wish it were that quick too!
  11. Can't wait to see the pictures! :wlae:
  12. Hi riceandsoup, do you have pictures of your MAM? How do you like it?

    can you compare the ruby to the wine?? Is ruby like an bright cherry red, or a deeper red? The different pictures make it look different so if someone can compare in terms of the wine, that'd be great.

    sorry to hijack your thread riceandsoup
  13. Is the wine MAM available for order somewhere?
  14. Hello, sorry, I've not been checking this forum much. Nope, I don't have the ruby MAM. I cancelled my pre-order because it turned out ruby was not the red I wanted. Aquila888, wine is a very popular colour. I don't know if RM is still taking orders for the special run. Check the other threads...