Got my Rose MAM, but no tassels

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  1. such a gorgeous color.. but i'm so bummed that there are no tassels... are there MAMs without tassels?


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  2. My BBW MAM doesn't have tassels, and I love it! Rose looks like such a pretty color!
  3. I thought the same thing, but I think the newer ones don't come with tassels -- what a shame because I liked the way they looked.
  4. The MAMs with signature hardware don't come with tassels.
  5. ^^True. Rose, Fawn, Dark Brown, Noir, Navy Luxe... just a few off the top of my head that don't have tassels.

    And I mean the originals with siggy hardware....not reincarnations made for sample sales and stuff.
  6. It's a beautiful bag! I think tassels would just take away from the gorgeous siggy hardware.
  7. That color is fantastic. :smile:
    I still think that it looks good even though it doesn't have tassels.
  8. I don't believe there ever was a rose color made with tassels, but I could be wrong (if there is one, it would only be a SS version).
    Maybe there will be a 2010 rose mam that comes with tassels.
  9. I have a sunshine MAM that didn't come with tassels either. Maybe it is all the ones that were made in lambskin leather
  10. ^^Yes, that seems to be the common denominator. I think it's the siggy hardware though and it just happened to be paired with lambskin leather ya know? :smile:
  11. TRUE STORY hehehe all the lambskin bags that i know of have siggy hw!!! its WONDERFUL:girlsigh::love:
  12. Olive and burgundy are lambskin with mixed hw & tassels. And some others I can't think of I'm sure.
  13. Signature hardware did not have tassels. Your bag is beautiful though!!
  14. That bag is beautiful! Congrats.