got my replacment tag..

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  1. but its the wrong one!! Called JAX the lady there said they cant replace the "special" tags because they dont get extras. So now I am stuck with a hangtag that says "coa" in instead of "coach" BOO!! She said, ask a store, but doh! I cant being over here../tear
  2. That sucks!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that. THeir replacement tags look cheap. hOwever, there have been some people that have actually gotten the right ones. Maybe ask them again for another replacement tag. Good luck.
  4. A generic replacement tag (brass?) says "COA" not "Coach"?!?!?
    Can you provide a picture?
  5. no sorry i should have been more clear. Its the hangtag from my Poppy Tartan tote. The one that spells out "coach" it broke some how, and now it just says "coa". The Lady said they dont have a supply of the special decorative tags, only the metal coach tag (that they sent me) the leather ones, or the brass one. and I refuse to pay the prices on the bay, so I am SOL :sad:
  6. Wow that is aweful Coach should have extra even if they charge for them...
  7. Do you have a local botique? Go there and ask, and if they don't have it, put your name down so when they get a damaged bag they can call you and you can get the hang tag off of it.
  8. I get it now!

    The above suggestion is a good one!
  9. It's so irritating trying to get the right tags sent!
  10. best course for a replacement tag.

    and to be honest I see why coach does that. if all one needs is to call and give their bag's style number to get a replacement bag..what is to say those who make fakes won't have a huge extended family calling on every couple of days to get a real tag for their fake bags? or maybe if it's just a few fakes they are trying to pass off

    or if what if someone did have the bag, receipt and tag but just wanted to resell the tag on eBay?

    just another perspective

    also cost wise they might have a few extras they store but once those extras run out that's it (as to why some got it and you didn't)
  11. I dont have a local store, since we are stationed in Okinawa. I asked the japanese store, but the lady didnt understand.
  12. easy answer ebay
  13. I just saw one on eBay a few minutes ago. $15 BIN.
  14. Burr...want me to handle this? I can call my local stores, no problem! If I can find one, I'll just mail it off to you!
  15. Woot! Italia- if you could find one, i would be a happy clam!