Got my Refund! But something you need to know about the PayPal Visa Card!*IMPORTANT*

  1. My seller refunded me thru PayPal this morning! Guess he couldnt sleep well last night? ha.

    Anyway, since PayPal denied my claim and sided with the seller, I called my CC company last night which happened to be the PayPal Visa card. I wanted to do a chargeback.

    Well get this, if you paid with a PayPal Visa Card and PayPal denies you your claim, you are NOT allowed to do a chargeback!

    So we are NOT protected with the PayPal Visa Card! I read thru the entire agreement last night and it doesnt say anything about that. But as soon as my refund gets posted back to my card, I am closing the account!

    I dont recommend the PP Visa for any eBay transactions girls!
  2. so glad you got your money back. at least conscience prevailed over greed... btw, i am not surprised that anything to do with paypal will not work against each other.
  3. this figures, but thanks for the info.

    so glad you got your money back!
  4. Thank you for letting us know. I will stick with my Citi Bank and American Express cards then.
  5. Thanks for letting us know and congrats on getting your refund
  6. My husband had his PP Credit Card compromised. Hadn't used it in over a yr. Someone hacked into something somewhere & stole his information. We closed down the account. They tried to send him a new card & he said "No".
  7. Very good to know Donna! Thanks for posting that!
  8. Thanks for the heads up, it makes sense in a slimy way, that's why I always use my amex, yay for your refund!
  9. The Paypal group are just the pits in so many ways. Protection- pah!
  10. The sad thing is, that it does NOT surprise me that PayPal Visa wouldn't help you with a charge back. PayPal will do anything to make $$$. I am glad that the seller is refunding your money!
  11. Wow! That is awful! (and illegal! A lawsuit waiting to happen!)
  12. I wasn't aware PayPal offered a credit card. Talk about conflict of interest!:wtf:
  13. That is good to know, thanks! The only PP card I have is a mastercard that I use as an ATM or at stores if I don't want to wait for a bank transfer. But with all the horror stories that I am reading on here lately, I clear my PP account the minute I get an email saying I have cash!
  14. The only thing that I use my Paypal Visa for is to just do stuff after I've earned some money from my sales. It's filled up my gas tank, taken a trip to the store....even heoped pay for our tickets into Sea World.:beach:
  15. OMG I can't believe it! So effectively, the more business you give Paypal, the less helpful they are the less you get out of it!!! GREAT!:shrugs: