Got my red CL soles sealed with RED rubber soles!

  1. Im so excited to share my excitment with you all!

    Since this is a subject that is frequently mentioned, I'd thought I share.

    we CL owners are particular in regards to keepin the red soles as red as possible. lol.

    I purchased some red rubber soles off eBay and I brought them to a cobbler to get the red soles sealed!

    Thanks to pinki682's recommendations, I brought them over to Anthonys on Geary blvd in SF. My oh my, they did such an amazing job! :yahoo:

    Im so excited as it looks soooo good and I know its going to prolong the wear of these shoes.

    I asked if they had red rubber soles there, and the repair person said that they were reallly reallly hard to come by, if any at all. the repair place also said the rubber soles i purchased from eBay werent the best qaulity. but oh well... :wlae:
  2. Congrats!! Post pics if you can! :smile:

    Also, did they recommend where you can get better quality red soles, if they thought the ones you got weren't?
    I did not even know there were better quality soles, etc... :shrugs:
    This site teaches me something new every day.
  3. I attached one photo, is it not showing?

    The repair person said that he went to a shoe convention and asked about red soles, but they didnt have any available. The person also told me that he was really really surprised to see that I found a pair and also asked where I found the red soles. I told him I found them off eBay.

    other then that, he didnt recommend any other shoe repair places that would have them.

    I also never knew that there are different qualities to to rubber soles. :confused1:

    but oh well, I got mine. lol
  4. They look really good! How much did it cost you total though including the soles and the cobbler? I don't think I can do that to every single pair of Louboutins I own currently and all the ones I plan on owning in the future. LOL
  5. I paid about $15 a pair and I think $6.50 for shipping
    and to have them sealed was also $15. All worth it IMO!~
  6. Oh, that's not bad actually. But, I'm still ok with getting the top portion of the sole scuffed up for now. The red under the heel is what matters to me. :smile:
  7. The soles look great. I put the clear sole stopperz on the bottom of mine and they aren't working out that well. They slide around on the ball of my foot and dirt gets stuck to the glue. I have to continually trim the excess sole stopperz off the edges.

    I think I might peel the sole stopperz off and do this. Even if the soles aren't the best quality they will dramatically increase the life of the shoes.

    As far as we know, the only place you can get red soles is off of that one ebay seller, right?
  8. poppincourt- I :heart: Anthony's in SF! I was referred there by the Chanel on Maiden Lane about 15 years ago. Apparently, the SF Chanel uses Anthony's leather cleaners to clean their lamb skin bags. Now, whenever I'm in town, I go over to Anthony's and buy a half dozen leather cleaners. They are the best! I use it on everything from handbags to shoes to leather furniture.
  9. I want to buy from that Ebay seller, too ... but the price seems steep for red strips of rubber ...
  10. They look great.
  11. Your shoes are gorgeous!

    Are they ballet flats?
  12. If you wanna take the sole stopperz glue out, you can definately ease the removal of the glue by using a little bit of Goo Gone. Its a few dollars for a bottle. And it really does ease the removal of sticky stuff like stickers and anything that can leave a sticky residue.

    And yes, the only place to get it on ebay is from YummyChouChou. Shes the only one selling the soles!

  13. OHHHH!!! Thanks for the heads up on the leather cleaner. Do u think the leather cleaner will work better than AppleGaurd for the Balenciaga leather?

  14. I think they are steep because the seller knows how hard it is to come by red rubber soles. I think its totally worth it if it will prolong the life of my expensive shoes!

  15. Thanks for the compliments, they are not ballet flats, but almost 4.5 inches!

    They are very comfortable!