Got my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag (Emerald)

  1. So I have mixed feelings. The bag is beautifully made and I love the dark green color (like a dark forest green similar to the forest green of the original botkier triggers a couple of years ago). The shape is really cute and I like the size. My problem is that part of the appeal of the bag was the original cute green and white striped lining which I had seen in another person's bag. My bag is lined in a black canvas (similar to that of the original botkiers) which is definitely not as cute. Plus it didn't come with a dust cover. I know these are stupid reasons not to totally love the bag, but I just feel that for the price that they cost, the company shouldn't have looked over these areas. What do you guys think and should I return it for these reasons?

  2. Pictures
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  3. Thanks for the lovely pictures!

    I can see what you mean about the lining and the dustbag. I would e-mail them about both. At least you should get the dustbag!

    Still, it's a BEAUTIFUL bag. Either way, you can't really go wrong!
  4. So I heard back from Rebecca after emailing them and she told me that they had just started to implement dustbags and offered me one once they came in. Now that's customer service! I think I can live with the black lining. As one PFer pointed out, marks are less conspicuous this way. I think this bag is a keeper!! I just love the color
  5. Great bag. Great color. Congratulations. I didn't get a dustbag with my tote, which suprised me a bit, and I agree with your comment about linings. Sometimes I think I fall in love with the lining before I do the bag. This happened to me with the HH hobo. I was counting on the floral scarf lining and got beige signature. I felt like crying and sending it back.. Now I am glad that I didn't but it definately took some of the joy out of the first moments with the bag. I completely understand your dismay.
  6. Great looking bag!!!! And, it's so rare and nice these days to find a company w/ great customer service. Congrats.
  7. Clu0984, congrats! =) Glad everything works out.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  8. Congratulations! That is great that they have such great customer service! :smile:
  9. Congrats - great-looking bag!

    Console yourself with this thought : at least the bag's lined :biggrin:
  10. Ha ha, that is true. And the lining is a nice simple lining so I guess I shouldn't complain. All in all I'm happy with this bag. Can't wait to start using it!
  11. I really like your bag! Emerald is one of my favorite colors in this style. I would have ordered it but I have the Botkier CLyde in patagonia which is almost identical to the Emerald shade. Enjoy your bag!!!:biggrin: