Got My Rebecca Minkoff Matinee- So Sad!

  1. After what seemed like an eternity, my RM Matinee in blue/grey was delivered today.
    The quality is top-notch, the leather is soft and smells heavenly. The color is gorgeous. But they style is just not "me", and I know I will never grow to love this bag.

    I guess I just got caught up in the hype!!
    I am so very disappointed.
  2. I am sorry this happened to you. I know RM bags are so popular at the forum recently, but I only like one style among all. Well, at least you touched it, tried it, and know it doesn't fit you. Just go ahead to return it. I believe you will find another bag you really love soon.
  3. You are not alone. It's easy to get swept up in the TPF whirlwind of a newly discovered designer. But then again, sometimes bags just don't look the same in person or don't look on you the way you imagined. Send it back and cheer up. There are lots of other bags in the sea, lol. :p
  4. Thanks for your condolences. I would return it in a heartbeat but you can't return from the sample sale, all sales are final.
    I knew this when I bought it, so I can not blame anyone.
    Maybe my taste will change, you never know!
  5. bagshopr - i received my black matinee with blue suede today from lunaboston, and i also do not love it. i am in the minority because i don't think the craftsmanship of the bag is that impressive. i love the two-toned look, but i was so disheartened when i pulled it out of its purse bag.

    mine will be going back to luna boston. if there are any ladies out there looking for one, it should be back on their shelves soon!
  6. I'm sorry to hear this. Sometimes it's good to be able to "see" in person what you're actually buying.

    I'm still considering the MA in black/basketweave.

    My dream is a Balenciaga....but I have heard good things about the Rebecca Minkoffs.

    Glad you posted about this though. It's good to hear about all feeback...positive or negative.
  7. Oh I'm so sorry you aren't in love with your matinee : ( I really got caught up in the RM Sample Sale. I will be receiving my bags this Wed. I just hope I love the style of the MA Mini and the Nikki.
  8. Sorry to hear it is not what you anticipated. I really, really contemplated ordering a matinee during the sale, but did not, b/c of the price points w/ no return policy in effect. Maybe try to sell it on e-bay or do a nice consignment store, if you don't think you'll really ever love it? (to me, not loving means not carrying it!)
  9. Sorry to hear...Try reselling like some others have posted. Do you have any friends/relatives who are into bags? Maybe one of them would buy it from you.
  10. sorry to hear that!! :sad:
    i know how you feel, i felt the same way when i got my Matinee, so I put it in a box all ready to send it back. a couple days later, i took one last look and i realized that i really liked it because it was different from bags i've been seeing lately.
    i do like the Matinee, but i don't LOVE it like i LOVE some of my other bags, but for the price, i'm happy enough...i have to say, that i do love the color...(blue/grey)

    don't worry though, there are TONS and TONS of bags out there! half the fun is discovering one (or a few!!) ~~:heart::heart:
  11. I know how you feel. I waited for almost 2 months for mine in Glazed Espresso and when it came, it just wasn't what I expected. I've carried it once and I'm just not feeling it. I think this will be going on eBay.:sad:
  12. what is it about the craftsmanship that you don't like? I have the exact same bag and I have to say I was quite impressed with the craftsmanship of the bag. They are handmade, so there will be some inconcistencies - that's one of the things I love about these bags, I feel like each one is so "special" because someone handmade it!!

    I think the leather is of exquisite quality and the black/blue combo of the Matinee is one of the better RM leathers (it's one of the thickest, softest and mushiest) - I had every intention of buying the Matinee in Elephant until I saw it IRL - I wasn't so impressed with the leather on the elephant, but when I saw the black/blue - OMG!! The leather was heavenly. I also bought a Glazed Espresso MAB and just now switched bags (I had a very hard time putting my Matinee away - I have a feeling it will be back out very soon!)

    I'm really sorry you're disappointed - I know the styles not for everyone - but I am very curious how you feel it's porrly made????
  13. I am waiting for my Glazed Expresso to come. I hope that I will love it after I read your post. I do have similar experience before. I bought a non-refundable Anna Corina City bag. I was so disappointed at it. I have never carried it once and still figure out what occasion that I can carry it.
  14. Oh my gosh, now I'm scared....I'm waiting for mine and I've never seen it in real life :crybaby:I hope I like mine.
  15. hi all, i received my clutch in black, morning after mini in black and i absolutely hate the leather it reminds me of rubber. i am trying to love it. and the zippers are really hard to zip and quite sharp. i did purchase the mantinee in grey with dark grey suede and am happy some with it. although i can see how it is not that well crafted. the leather is great and soft not at all like the elephant one but the handles were cut poorly. i can see the poor cut and the inconsistencies. i doubt i will order over phone again. i have a number of handbags and the handles are not as poorly crafted as my rm bags. the matinee would be great except for that. ahh well, lesson learned