Got My "real" New Baca Yay!!!!!

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  1. :tup:I just wanted to tell you guys that I got my new Baca from Lninos and I wanted to thank you guys so much for helping me find them! I Love my bag and there is not even a comparrison to the bag that was fake!!!!!!!! What quality leather!
  2. Congrats! What color did you get? Pictures??
  3. Can't wait to see your pics! How did the price stack up with lninos compared to the sites we are used to dealing with, if you don't mind my asking?
  4. YAY :smile: Amy i am so glad it came and you are finally feeling the baca love and reeally see what the amazing authentic ones are like! :smile:

    Cant wait to see pics ;) i told you you could count on lninos! :smile:
  5. Yay! I am so happy you can enjoy the wonderful Bacas.
  6. I can't say amy paid, but when I inquired about Bacas, I was told $460 for the regular size. I decided to go w/the Kooba Meredith instead which was just a little lower.
  7. Oh congrats Amy, so happy for you, after all the trouble you had.
  8. That Baca is just the cutest little thing. I love how they seem to grow as you fill them. They seem unstuffable. As an example:
    Today Hubby and I went to see the Movie Knocked up and I will be more than happy to buy that 6.00 bag of popcorn but I refuse REFUSE to pay 3.60 for a cup of Pop....So.....Shhhhhhhhh...don't tell anyone, but I had my Persa bag filled with all my regular stuff and I added in 4 Cans of Diet 7-Up!!! 4 Cans! We used diet to counteract the calories of all that popcorn, as if it justified it...LOL
  9. See Lexie - that's where my big bags come in handy! I do the same thing - cans of Diet Coke (for me) and Mt. Dew (for hubby) - usually some kind of candy - then we buy a large popcorn, get a courtesy cup and split it!!
  10. You two are so cute.

    And I won't tell a soul because hubby and I do the exact same thing. *s
  11. =O picture???
  12. Lexie, that is so funny! Yesterday, DH & I went to see Waitress and I put bottle of Sprite zero in my AC drawstring hobo (tobacco color) which is a LARGE hobo. When I went to open the bottle, it was like Sprite water works with the sprite shooting everywhere: seat, floor, my bag (luckily, wiped right off of bag leaving no marks). I guess the hobo was TOO roomy and the bottle had rolled around a bit before I opened it. It was a mess but worse than that, it was a NOISY mess!! I'd make a terrible spy!
  13. congrats!!
  14. I will send pictures ASAP but it is a vintage brown---or sometimes called tobacco I think. It's beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Persa too! Lexie, is it as beautiful in person as it is in the pictures? I hope they make more of those, it's a great "going out" bag!!! I paid 485 with shipping for the baca. Totally a great deal and WELL worth it. It is my favorite of all the bags I have ever had and I love that you don't see them a lot. The Balenciaga is everywhere and for some reason the Gusttos seem to be a little more under the radar. Rosemary, what are you doing in Europe?...Does Lninos want to be out there for people to know about them because I'd love to refer people to them.
  15. congratulations and can't wait to see your pics!!