Got my purple/silver Double Bag today

  1. The same bag as in my avatar:yahoo:. Great price too, $499 for the small one.

    YSL SCP still has a medium(?) purple downtown, olive downtown, a large ivory/gold double bag, several muses in the light brown color in various sizes, one os muse in horse hair? Several ivory bags with the chain-lock across the bag?(don't know style, someone here, help??) Sorry I did not look for prices.

    Also muse style flats, supersoft leather, in brown (with muse lock on top, very cute), Price cut down from $450 to $159.
  2. Congrats on your new bag!
  3. Congrats this is a cutey! Houston I think still has some as well!
  4. Congrats on your new Double Bag! $499 is a great price for it, too!
  5. Thank you all:heart::heart:
  6. Congratulations on your bag! It's such a great bag. I would love to see some pics.
  7. I am new to YSL, so I don't know much about their beautiful bags. The bag you bought is that the reversible bag? One color outside and another inside??? If it is, do you think the inside of the bag would get damaged in any way from putting your things in it? From pictures it looks like such a cool bag and a great size. My sister would love this type of bag for work. But she is not one to take excellent care of her bags and I wondered if the inside can get messed up? Congratulations on your new bag. I should have called every YSL to try to track one down, but I gave up after a few stores and was happy to find a large one. Please post pictures.
  8. My photos: photo 1, wear as tote, photo 2, wear as hobo.

    Now, although I've only had this bag for one day, I have heard some pro and cons of this bag from my friend who owns 3:drool:.

    pros: 1. very light weight 2. 4 bags for the price of one, 2 colors x 2 styles of wearing it. 3. can go day or night 4. reasonably priced compared with others.

    cons: 1. Proned to lost of color at the corners. At least if you do the flipping back and forth a lot. 2. Prone to lost of color on the metallic side ( but I guess this is true of all metallic bags) 3. No lining, no pockets so a lot of fishing around for things. Also, the cell phones, keys, edges of wallet will scratch the underside leather (whichever color that is inside). 3. Should strap keeps on slipping off.

    Now, I have thought long and hard about the cons and am currently using the following solns to remedy the situation:

    1. use of a purse kit. I've actually sacrificed a prada dust bag, sewed a couple of pockets on it to make it my customised purse lining. I am hoping that these will reduce the scatchin of the underside leather. Even though the custom lining does add a litte weight, but it actually helps with the shoulder straps staying in place. Yes, the small size does fit under the shoulder. I am not slim by any rate (don't want to let 93000 members of tPF know my weight either:smile:), but let's say that I am about size 10/12, and the small size double bag will still fit as a shoulder bag when I wear a knit top with a sweater coat.

    2. I actually plan to use primarily the purple side. But will report back and see how the metallic side is holding up.

    3. I bought the smaller size of the double bag so that I will not be fishing for stuff. Plus, when it is in the "pouch" shape, I can take it out as a nice evening bag.
    P1010221.JPG P1010222.JPG
  9. that's the exact color combo i was hoping to get! but when I asked the price at SF store, they said it was around 700, how did u get it for 499?
    That's such a good deal! Do they have any more left?
  10. Congratulations, Acshih!

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights on your gorgeous bag!
  11. I just wonder if the metallic leather will somehow flake off being in the inside of the purse? It really is stunning and would be great if they made it in one color with a normal material inside.
    The color is great-my downtown is the same color and I know it will be my favorite bag.
    Please keep us informed on your thoughts on this bag.
  12. I think the metallic leather flaking problem is not YSL's problem along. I think it is the nature of how the metallic color is "sprayed" on the leather?? At least that's my understanding. A couple ladies at the Chloe forum also had similar problems with their metallic bags.

    I did ask the SA specifically about that, and SA was fairly honest. She said that it is proned to flake off in the commonly "contact" areas, like at the corners, under the handles, around the folds and such. So I guess avoiding "contact" with sharp objects is so important. I def think a portable lining for the double bag will def help with this problem. Will report back re: how the lining works out.
  13. :yes: I recall reading that others were also using their dustbags inside of it to prevent scratching to the interior leather. Metallics are definitely more delicate, but I think you'd want to protect even the plain leather from keys and other assorted loose items in the bag.

    acshih, what color is the hardware on your bag? I've seen the grommets described elsewhere as goldtone for this version of the Double, but the hardware looks silver in your pics. YSL describes the hardware as brass for the versions offered on their site, but then it looks silver in some of the pics so it's really hard to tell.
  14. I received my purple/silver double too :smile: Thanks to you, acshih, I got the great sale price (from Miquel at the Houston store...he was great- they actually sent me wrong bag, but corrected it right away by overnighting the correct one)! I ADORE the shade of purple- deep & rich violet! I have a bag that was too plum, so am selling to finance this purchase...this is the purple I have been waiting for!!! Also, I was worried the silver would be SILVER, but it's more of a neutral pewter/gunmetal...although I too plan to wear it mainly on the violet side :smile: Thanks again for the heads up about the bag, I am really happy with it (and pleasantly surprised that it is so light).:yahoo:
  15. By the way- to answer you question, shazam- the hardware on my bag is silver :smile: :smile: :smile: