Got my purple patent fix at a much better price!

  1. OK now I realize that this bag is not as gorgeous as the Francine that was posted, but I've been kicking myself ever since I passed on this at my outlet last year when I wasnt that familiar w/the patent. I have this bag in both british tan leather and black leather, and I just won this one on eBay w/the matching wristlet for under $250 shipped. I know I paid $160 for each tote plus $40 for the wristlets, so I feel this was a fair deal. It will definitely fill my purple patent need cheaper, and I think this color is a little more subtle than the new patent, which is more to my liking. Plus I am a sucker for totes. I actually might even return the Heritage tote now that I have this - it will serve the same easy care purpose for me. We'll see!
    plum patent tote.jpg plum patent wristlet.jpg
  2. Yes, you DID get it for a much better price! Congratulations! I hope you are thrilled with them! :tup: The bag is lovely, as is the wristlet!
  3. Donnalynn... that is beautiful purple patent fix and you got the two for a good price. I hope you enjoy your new tote!!!:tup:
  4. Looks great! I can't wait to see it once you have it all jazzed up:yahoo:
  5. Congrats, stunning bag!
  6. Yes better price but your bag is TDF!!!! I know I wouldnt get a whole lot of use out of a bag like yours, so I dont feel too bad, but still...:drool:
  7. Hey you know me!!! I'm online for a scarf and charm as we speak!!!
  8. Love your tote! It's "perfectly purple"!
  9. OK how about this combo? And i have all of the accessories already, so go me! Thats why I love the pick up accessories here and there when I really like them - I know I'll put them to good use. Scarf in the pink/yellow choice.
    plum patent tote.jpg blue scarf.jpg flowerfob.jpg
  10. Nice find, Donnalynn! I think the scarf and keyfob would look cute on your new patent tote! Enjoy!
  11. Lovely tote & matching wristlet! I have that charm, it is really cute!
  12. it's beautiful, congrats! :yahoo:
  13. nice finds! the scarf and key fob will look great!
  14. That purple color is soooo pretty in the patent... .those accessories would look really cute w/it... I especially love the keyfob, I just picked up one of those myself... so fab! :smile:
  15. I love the color!!!