1. :heart: I'm so excited!:heart:
    Finally, last saturaday, I got my hands on it and I'm so I'm sharing some pics of it!

    I know some of you might not like the new Prada fringe-style, but for me it's absolutely stunning! It's something that comes from the past, from 70's hard-rock, I guess. I find it very very chic and HOT!

    Fairly I can say it's the finest prada handbag I've ever owned, in quality and craftmanship perspective. The fringes are double skin, so the color is the same on both sides of each fringe. And it's sooooo soft...

    I'm waiting to have your feedbacks and comments on it.
    Fringe01.jpg Fringe02.jpg Fringe_cross_body.jpg
  2. This bag is definitely not for me, but I'm so glad you found the one you wanted and are loving it!:yes:
  3. glad u love it..its not my own personal style..but you look GREAT with it..enjoy it!!!!!
  4. The thing I like most about the fringe bags is they're very unique and obviously made well....The workmanship on that bag has to be breath taking....Plus not a lot of people will have this bag...Which to me makes it even more unique & desirable...As I do love that bag..I just wouldn't buy it for myslef b/c it doesn't fit w/ my work wardrobe and I just wouldn't get enough weekend use out of it to justify the cost....I agree it's hippy chic...Congrats! You can def pull off this bag...Enjoy it!!! :yes:
  5. Congrats.
  6. Congrats on the new bag! As long as you love it is all that matters!
  7. I LOVE that bag!!!!!

    I think i want one in brown. The messenger style w/ the fringe on the handle is really really nice too.
  8. Good point, I've been thinking about the use of it, but I definitly stated that I would wear it even for weekdays and work,this spring/summer.
    On summer days my work outfit is mostly dresses, skirts and sandals, as I don't HAVE TO WEAR much formal suites.
    I'm going to use it frequently, indeed. ;)
  9. Great color - I have not seen that in the US. Your bag is also bigger than the fringe bags being carried at stores here. Glad you like it! I got the patchwork bag with fringe strap!
  10. That handbag is BEAUTIFUL! It has major a good way! :supacool:

    I think you could wear that everyday...dressed up, dressed down....

    Seriously, That is one fabulous bag!
  11. you are going to rock it!! wear it in the best of health!
  12. congrats on your fab new bag. Congratulations, I love that colour so thanks for posting
  13. It looks great on you - congratulations!
  14. Breena...

    It looks *great* on you, and the color is gorgeous! Enjoy it!! :yes:
  15. congrats on the bag
    it has been a guilty pleasure of mine since i first saw it about 5 months back...
    i'm hoping i can get one on sale in black or brown this summer :blush: