Got my Prada bag, is it a keeper?

  1. Hi, I bought this sachel from Amazon, and it just arrived today. The leather is super soft, the style is good, doesn't have zip top, it has snap closure instead..which I don't like.. what do I do?~~
    prada.jpg prada_brown.jpg prada_brown_inside.jpg
  2. hmm- Amazon Pradas can be iffy. I'm no expert, but I'd advise to be cautious...
  3. Thank you! It looks real compare to the one I got from I just don't like that the snap closure.

  5. Yeah...that's very weird..I thought it had zip closure too. Probably I will just return it, just don't feel safe with snap closure.
  6. I have a snap closure on my beige Prada hobo and I like it! I was like you about snap closures until I got this bag. It stays closed, but it's easy for me to get in and out of.

  7. I just checked with NM and it is a snap closure on that style. Funny though, I'd have thought it had a zipper too. Go figure? :shrugs:
  8. Thanks a lot! Hm...Should I keep it? I got it for 945, you think it's a good price?:confused1:
  9. Holy cow! Is that EVER a good price! Those bags usually run close to 2K, if memory serves.

    Don't let me sway you on the closure thing though. If you really don't think you'd feel comfortable you'll never enjoy carrying it and should send it back so you can find something you love.

  10. I agree. That is a great price, but don't keep it just because of the price tag.

    If it helps, my Miu Miu satchel also has a snap closure and I haven't had problems with it.
  11. I saw that bag IRL today at Saks, it is beautiful!!!:yes:
  12. I Bought a Prada handbag and a Prada purse both from Ebay, ooops, sounds like a big mistake. How do I know they are genuine.
  13. I have just received a reply from the seller of the Prada purse I bought. The seller says that Prada do not put their name or monogram in the lining and neither do they put a serial number on the purse. So whats the point of having a card of authenticity with a number on it and nothing to match it up to. Can anyone help please?

  14. There is a thread called "authenticate this bag", you can post pictures there and there are a couple of prada experts, they are very nice and helpful. Good luck!
  15. I think they are monogram in the lining as long as it's not leather lining.