!! Got my PRADA BAG !! But need some help !!

  1. Please, can you help me?
    I bought a Prada soft claf like yours in other color, I wanted to know if yours have an inside label in the linning who says made in china and other mini tag with a number??
  2. lovely.. congrats!
  3. there is only one white tag with a number. can't find any "made in" tag.
    does your bag have one? which colour do you have? :smile:
  4. Classy Soft Calf! Functional, stylish and contemporary! Congrats!!
  5. I have nocciolo color, Made in China is in the suede linning in the zip pocket. You can find it?
  6. beautiful colour:smile: no there is only the little white tag with the number in the zipper pocket.
    seems like they forgot it in my bag lol.
    I love this bag so much. it's such a great, practical and pretty bag. prada bags look best when they just look simple. I love this elegance, totally in love with it since the day I got it.:love:
  7. I have the tag with the number 156 and near the other in black with Made in... Bag smeels great!! and it's very very soft, bigger as i expected! and not heavy as Mulberry!
  8. Gloriously gorgeous! But vitello daino is actually calfskin treated to appear as deerskin but stronger and more durable. :smile: I am adoring all of the lovely bags showing up here lately. Ive been snooping at the Prada multiple concessions at Harrods and the boutique in london at westfield trying to decide on whether to get one of the lovely Red saffiano bags to match my ipad2 case.But which one?! Waiting for london fashion night out to decide, they always have a fab event special and its the night I always give in to buy something Ive wanted all year:smile:
  9. its lovely!
  10. Its a good one! I hope they have a blue! Lovely
  11. i think its authentic
  12. I hope they hv red color in stock ;)
  13. Stunning
  14. i just ordered this exact bag (black Vitello Daino calfskin leather tote with suede lining) on Ruelala today. I'm kind of nervous though because when I asked, Ruelala said it doesn't come with a dustbag or the authenticity card. I'm kind of freaking out now - it should be fine right?
  15. When you receive the bag, go to "authenticate this prada" thread (read 1st thread first for the requirements) and get it check out.