Got my pouch belt today! What a surprise!

  1. Ordered this from Received today. Actually was surprised by the packaging, it came in a chloe box with storage bag. The leather of the belt and pouch is sooooo soft, same kind of leather as the paddington. And, the pouch is so cute with the mini padlock and key:heart::heart::heart:. The key actually works for the lock to lock/unlock it, figure that!:nuts:

    So, so happy with this piece after so many disappointments from Finally!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks for the photo - that looks adorable.
  3. Ooooooh - how cute! I love it!
  4. Very cute and the key works! Cool. I wanted one of those but wasn't sure about it. How much are you able to fit in it? I never seen one IRL.
  5. I would qualify the pouch as a coin pouch, no more. I suppose you can fold a couple twenties plus drivers license in there as well.
  6. Really lovely :tup:
  7. Wow...very very cute!!! Congrats
  8. cute! you should take a pic wearing it...i saw those but couldn't imagine what it'd look like on someone...although now i think about it, with a flowy drop waist dress, it'd be really cute!
  9. Interesting. When I saw it, I was actually thinking about wearing them separately, a belt and a coin pouch. Never really thought about wearing them together. Now I have to really think about what dress that I have will work with these....any suggestions? See, I usually dress as a tomboy, not too many dresses.....:idea::idea:Anyone?? Will try different outfits and post pics!!