Got my Pewter Elisha - not loving it

  1. I like the style (the Elisha) and the Pewter color is great for going out at night -
    but I'm not so sure the color is best for the everyday grind.
    I already have a metallic Chiara - and I'm usually not into metallic bags.
    I'm thinking of returning it to Saks- (paid about $499 with tax) - but I'm
    stalling b/c I can't decide whether or not to let it go.
    Any thoughts? Girls who own it - do you feel it is a daily bag or a going out at night
  2. Have any pics? I've only ever seen it on the store sites and those are never very good.
  3. I think the pewter looks more like an evening bag or an occasional day bag. If you are not loving it, return it and hunt for the perfect bag.
  4. Yes, take some pics for us so we can make an informed decision! :yes:
  5. You can always hand it over to me... lol! I will give it a good home. :cutesy: Pewter is definitely a va-va-voom color, so I understand your hesitation about carrying it every day. Although, I do love the idea of metallics for daytime, especially in the dreary winter. If your heart isn't into it, return it for something you'll adore. Post some pics, and we'll help you with your choice. :smile:
  6. I didn't have time to take pics of it - but it's definitely going back ladies. I really would make more use out of a black Elisha - the silver - too much I think. I prefer this color in a smaller bag. I'll probably bring it back this week.