Got my Pewter Day Bag back from ArtBag

  1. Remember a couple weeks ago, my day bag got a couple of worn spots over dinner. :crybaby: I ended up sending the bag to ArtBag and yesterday I received it. They did a fair job on it. It cost me about $100, plus $15 in shipping. The color match isn't perfect (they said they couldn't match this pewter perfectly), but it's close enough for comfort.

    I'm just happy to have her back and in a presentable state. I definitely did make it worse by thinking that it was paint that got on there and trying to remove it with leather cleaner. :hysteric: Should have stepped away and left it to the pros, but I couldn't believe that these two spots just appeared over the course of dinner when they weren't there before.

    Here are the pics. Before and After.
    Pewterstain1.JPG Pewterstain2.JPG Pewter Post Far.JPG Pewter Post Closeup.JPG
  2. thanks, balenciagalove, for posting this!
    i was considering bringing in my pewter first to redye the handles, but i think my handles need even more extensive work than your bag. it would probably cost me more than the $100... :sad:
    but good to know that there is a place that does a decent job with this!
  3. Thanks for letting us know your experience with artbag. So sorry that that had to happen and I'm glad you got her back OK. May you continue to use her in good health! :flowers:
  4. ^^^ Yeah, it's definitely far from perfect, because the pewter has a soft rose-like sheen to it compared to the silverish color they put on there. I did damage the leather in trying to get rid of what I thought was "paint". Resolution to self : no dabbing turpentine on leather EVER.

    For me, I don't think I would go through this again. If it gets bad enough, then I plan on simply poodle-dyeing the bag into black or something like that.

    My hubby is such a sweetheart. He felt so bad I was so bummed about it, that he ordered the Blue India for me. :love: :heart: :love:
  5. ^ awww, how sweet of him!!

    lol at "poodle-dyeing" :roflmfao:
    yeah, that rosey sheen is what makes pewter unique of all the metallics. i probably won't be retouching my bag either.

    edited for spelling
  6. awe, i think your pewter hobo is still gorgeous & whatta sweet hubby :tender:
  7. ^^ Ditto!!!!
  8. Awww... thanks sweetie! I really appreciate it. She and I have been feeling a bit blue ever since that happened.
  9. hmmmmmmmmmm, feeling a bit blue are we :shrugs:...maybe you need an ice blue hobo to go with your new blue india :tender:
  10. ^^^^ :angel: :devil: :angel: :devil: I'm not sure which is which. Thank Goodness they're closed right now. I wonder who will win! :yes:
  11. Have to love a hubby that buys you a new b-bag!
  12. lol, you can always say that little devil aaallabama made you do it :P
  13. ET - He's a sweetheart, how can I not? Though I'm sure he's kicking himself for getting me into the luxury handbags. I was happy with Coach until he bought me my first LV.

    Aaallabama - So very tempting. ;)
  14. ohmygod i would be so bummed too. it's not horrible, much better than before but i can see what you mean about the matching part not being the same. well at least you have a new bag to fall in love with.
  15. Happy that you got her back, and I think she is still very beautiful! Lots
    more adventures for you and your Pewter hobo ahead....:yes: :heart: