Got my Perfo Speedy today....

  1. Ok, I bought a very very gently used Perfo Speedy in the fuschia color from my fav My Poupette seller. It came today and while it was in excellent condition (I mean looks barely used if at all), I hate it. I don't know, the pictures of it looked so appealing then it came and I guess I didn't realize that the holes were sooooo... see-through or something. I feel like I am back working retail like when I was a teenager and you had to have a see-through purse so they could make sure you weren't stealing anything. Sorry, hate to be so down, but really needed to vent about it. Well, guess I will list it on eBay and take the hit for the price.
  2. aw no! its a shame you dont love your bag. Maybe give it a week and if u still feel the same then sell it on??

    You never know you might wake up 2moro loving it!!!!!!! x
  3. I really hated this collection when it first came out, but now I LOVE it! I sold my pink speedy and I MISS it!!!
  4. I loved my pink speedy!! I thought it was soooooo cute!! I miss it as well.
  5. I never liked this collection. Sorry that you don't love it either.
  6. Yeah, I know different strokes for different folks. I don't know, I really really loved it when I looked at the pictures, but when it came the holes were just soooo revealing or something. In any case, I went ahead and listed it on eBay. For the money there are other things I would rather have than something I feel so iffy on. It's funny because I think I would love a perfo wallet of some kind over the entire bag to just give my plain Mono purses some color.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. Give yourself a week to see if it grows on you at all. eBay is only going to heat up a bit closer to the holidays anyway, and this gives you a chance to see if you and your bag will bond.

    Good luck.
  8. I didn't like it when they first came out either ... but they slowly grew on me and of course by then it was too late ... they were all sold out. Why don't you give it a few days ... maybe you'll change your mind? :shrugs:

    Good luck.
  9. Sometimes accessories are better. I LOVE the dentelle wallets, but I am not a huge fan of the bags! The gold speedy is really growing on me though!
  10. Yeah, I have it sitting here in front of me on my computer desk to just "look at" for a bit... lol. Hubby already passed by and said "what is that neon bright thing w/ holes and did you pay for something to have holes in it?" lmaoooooooo... I had to laugh at him for a bit. It was kinda amusing to think of buying something w/ holes all in it for just a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love the color and love the vuitton written in the color on the outside, it's just the holes are a little too see through for me or something. I have noticed Ebay slower than heck lately myself.
  11. Sorry to hear that you are not loving your bag. I wasn't too impressed with the bags either, but I do love the cles...
  12. So sorry you do not like it. It sort of reminds me an animal carrier. With all the holes.
  13. I am not crazy about that line.

    But - when I got my baggy pm I wasn't thrilled with it and put it back in the box to return....then I let it sit there for a few days.....took it out again and fell in love with it. Now I am so glad I never returned it. Give it 3-4 days and make sure you feel the same way.
  14. Sorry you feel that way about your new bag....
    thank god there's always ebay (or the MP here) to help you unload it !!!
  15. I don't like this collection too. They are just too weird with all the holes & the color is so bright. I love the regular speedy. Good luck with the auction.