Got my PCE order...

Aug 24, 2009
As far as the wristlet goes...I ordered it off the drawing, I never saw the drill down picture. Just hours after ordering, up popped the DD photo--and I crossed my fingers that it would be more like the drawing since sometimes the DD is wrong. When I opened the package I was like "oh, it's the DD"

I posted pictures, read the comments and I had my second thoughts. It does, in many ways, smack of D& is more on the childish side of on and so forth. Every comment had merit. And I let that cloud me and my feelings, so I packed it up to take it back. the 11th hour I got this feeling of sadness, or something like it (I don't know if you can sad over a wristlet!).

I am keeping it and heres why...

I have a lot of collection doesn't begin here, nor does it end here. It is a piece of the puzzle...but not the whole thing. I don't need this to be a work horse, and I don't need to use it all year long. I can pull it out a few times this summer, enjoy it for what it is, pack it away and years from look back and still have a Pierre Le-Tan creation.