Got my PCE Card Today!

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  1. It was in the mail waiting for me when I got home from work. I'm gettin' a Carly!
  2. Ooo lucky! I'm excited for you! I just know I won't be finding such a treat in my mailbox.
  3. What are the dates on the event?
  4. 9-17 June
  5. I got mine too. They sent me two of them and I have a friend that was afraid of not getting one this time. I immediatly called her and told her that she has nothing to worry about. :party:
  6. :party:

    I totally forgot about that!! Yea! Mine should be here sometime next week, as it always arrives after everyone else's!! Just in time for our MI shopping day too!!! :nuts: :graucho:
  7. I got one in the mail today as well! It was sent to my old address in CA and I happen to be out here for another couple days. I am so excited!!
  8. I have my fingers crossed, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. I guess I will find out over the next few days If I'm getting one.
  9. I do hope that I get one. Even if I don't I know that my
    Coach SA will give me the discount anyway.
  10. I want one just to feel special, but I know I can get one as well, because I am friends with the asst mgr at my COACH.
  11. Fingers still crossed for mine.....I bought some scarves from the boutique today and the SA (not my usual one) read my address back to me as 6295 instead of 6925....I corrected her on it, but I will be nervous until I get one (or realize next week that I won't be getting one).
  12. I don't think there is any way I'll get one. I've only made three purchases in the last year. One from the Outlet in Orlando, One from the Outlet in Gulfport and then my Carly last week from the Boutique in New Orleans. If I got one though the nearest boutique is in the Memphis area so don't know if I would get to go or not.
  13. To be honest I have not purchased much from the boutique, and have had a couple returns. I was quite surprised that I received one. I do purchase from the outlets but that is every couple months. So I guess what I am saying is you never know!!
  14. Yahoo!
    I got mine today too. Technically I'm on a shopping ban BUT I may make an exception;)
  15. Nothing in my mail box yet. Hopefully tomm!