got my paradiso stellina from SH!! (pics!)

  1. wow. fastest shipping ever. i called on sunday, it shipped out monday, and i got it today. impressed! :yahoo: not only was lindsey super nice on the phone, she did an awesome job packaging my stellina!! (i did ask her to put it in a box.) it was in an orange ziploc (the biggest ziploc i've ever seen!) and packed with lotsa gold tissue paper. sweet!!!

    first impression: the stellina is SMALL!!!!!!!! didn't expect it to be that small. but it will work just fine!

    lindsey got all of the characters i wanted and even threw in the little sushi boy, which i didn't know existed until a few minutes before i called her. the only thing is, he appears 4 times on my bag!! i kinda wish the coconut girl or cloudia appeared that many times. aside from that, and the "empty" space under the right flap when it's closed, i really LOVE it! what do you guys think?? (sorry if i went a little picture crazy... my first "pics" post!!)


    many many thanks to lindsey!! she ROCKS!! :jammin:
  2. So cute! How much was it (if you don't mind me asking)
  3. I should have asked for a box when I ordered from them :push: oh well next time! Congrats on the stellina!!
  4. That's a really cute one!!! I like how the girl feeding the dog is a bit 'peek-a-boo' lol. It's so awesome you got the hawaiian-coconut girl and the sushi guy on the flap!
  5. it was $97.50 for the bag, $8.50 for shipping, and $0.73 for out of state tax (random, huh?) so total was $106.73. :p
  6. It's soooo cute. I love it!!
  7. Very cute midnightmama!!!:woohoo: I ordered my stuff (paradiso & inferno denaros & paradiso dolce) from Lindsey on Sunday as well...just checked UPS tracking and it's at my local UPS facility so it should be delivered tomorrow. :balloon:
  8. That's such a cute bag midnightmama! Love the characters on the flaps. That's quick shipping too, hope mine get here that fast! :smile:
  9. Cute Paradiso Stellina midnightmama, Love the sushi boys. & the girl sipping the coconut.
  10. Aww, I love sushi boy! And you have him 4 times! I love the bag!
  11. cuuute!
  12. great stellina! I wonder if this was the stellina that annieb was supposed to get???
  13. I love your stellina! I also didn't know about the sushi boy. I only have a bella in this print so I don't have a lot of characters ... you make me want to get another bag in this print now :smile:
  14. YOur stuff came in 2 DAYS from SH? It's been over a week and I'm still waiting. And I doubt it's going to be today since we are under several feet of snow :sad:
  15. hmmm, lindsey had this on hold for me since last thursday or friday i think. i didn't realize they closed at 5 on friday, and lindsey wasn't working on saturday. so i didn't actually buy it until sunday.

    which characters did annieb request? i wonder why lindsey would send me this one if annieb was supposed to get it. i asked for the coconut girl, cloudia, girl with puppy, and blue haired rocker boy. i hope annieb gets one soon too. :yes:

    DreamsOfToki, i am in MD, and i find UPS is FAST when it's on the same coast. when i get UPS from the west coast, it takes FOREVER and always seems to take the VERY scenic route to get to me. hopefully you'll get yours soon!

    btw, thanks everyone for your compliments on the stellina! can't wait to use it!! :yahoo: