Got my package

  1. After hearing talk of missing package and possibly getting the Playground print mixed with Cammo and Black, I was a little afraid of getting (or not getting) something I didn't want. Well today I heard a double honk outside and the hubby said it was the UPS guy. Sure enough it was so he got the package from the delivery guy. I let him open it and it was indeed a tan Playground Bella. I love the size and best of all, it had my favorite characters. There are the Lattes in love and Bastardino on the back, plus I also found a Choco Latte and Sandy on the bottom center. It's always a guessing game when doing a chargesend.
    Toki front.jpg Toki back.jpg toki bottom.jpg
  2. Yay! Very cute.
  3. Great! What's funny is I got the bella bella in that last week and the back of yours looks almost identical to mine!
  4. Oh, thats such a nice bella! Love the choco latte! Congrats!
  5. How funny is that? You never know until it arrives.
  6. Beautiful! I'm thinking in getting one in Amore:p
  7. Yup, he's on the bottom with his little soccer ball.
  8. Sweetest 2 lips....please list some more citta rosa bags? I didn't get to win that one last night!
  9. I think I want an Amore but I have no idea which bag yet. Plus I am on purse ban until mid-April.
  10. That's soon!
  11. Congrats! Its really cute!
  12. Super cute! i just got a playground bella 2 weeks ago :wlae:
  13. Nice! You got my favorite part of the print!
  14. Love it! Very cute!
  15. Very cute! I kinda wish the lattes were captured on the back of mine now. They are somewhat cut off on the front of mine. I mainly have the girl on the back of mine in different poses.