Got my Noix City today with a little somethin' on the side...

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  1. Okay, I don't really post here as often as reading this forum but I just have to reveal this one. I finally received my Noix RH City from Erica today and a vintage Chanel classic flap that I quickly grabbed when I first saw it on her website. Couldn't be happier, they both look too pretty :yahoo::yahoo:

    Here are the pics...

    I think the first photo of the Noix City has the color closest to real life. The second one was taken with flash.

    and then there's the Chanel :biggrin:...

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  2. Very nice. I love the color. And the Chanel is lovely, too. Congrats!
  3. Congrats! Great bags!
  4. Congrats and enjoy.
  5. We're Noix twins!! :yahoo: Congrats!! Shes beautiful isn't it! And your Chanel! :drool:
  6. Sweetlust - she's so beautiful!! I saw your Noix in another thread too, and it made me realize I made the right decision ordering this color

    Charmed05, robbins65, Nanaz - thanks, I surely will enjoy both of them!
  7. I wonder how the Noix compares with Galet?
  8. Oh.... your Noix looks lovely. Is the color TTL? She looks great!
  9. Congratulations on your Noix and your little somethin' on the side!
  10. I am wondering the same thing! I have a galet ggh city and it looks like Noix to me. I also have an galet sgh day but it looks like a galet. Oh well, the colors are so similar I am not sure what I have. I will post pictures later so ya'll can help me out on this one.

    OP - Gorgeous color ... enjoy & congratulations!
  11. Noix looks so tender and warm:smile:
    BTW your chanel is also soooooooo cute
  12. I think I like Noix better than Galet. Congrats!
  13. Congrats! They are both lovely!
  14. dizzyhead, yaay a noix mommy, congrats on both your purchase! please come and post more pics for us...we love mod pics too!! :biggrin:
  15. They are both gorgeous. Many congrats and ejoy!

    Really, this Noix looks excactly like some of the pics we've seen of Galet :confused1: