Got my new Vert d'eau and got in trouble!

  1. hahahhaa, I got my new baby yesterday! My Vert d'eau city!! YAY!!! I really wanted a fun summer color. My parade was rained on when I got home and the fiancee' yelled at me for spending money on yet ANOTHER BBAG! hahahaha, oh well! :yahoo: He isn't gonna ruin my new fun! I have a sickness and the only cure is more bbags!
  2. I got in trouble for my new vert d'eau city too. She hasn't arrived yet, but I got in trouble. Oh well, what's new.
  3. Oh well.. vert d'eau is worth it! :biggrin:
  4. LOL.... yeah, we've all been there :roflmfao:
  5. The most beautiful color ever! Enjoy deserve it.
  6. congrats!
  7. YAYYYY!!!! She makes me do this- :party: in the living room when I look at it! I am not sure he is talking to me yet...hahahahahaha!
  8. ^haha, mine makes me smile whenever I look at her. My favorite thing to do is sit on my bed & "pet" her. My boyfriend & my Mom have seen me do this - they think I'm very, very strange:shrugs:
  9. i'm so jealous! after looking at every color, i've decided that i want this one (at least for the moment! lol) it's so stunning!
  10. Haha, my DH is a total killjoy about B-bags too. All you can do is pity them for not being able to enjoy the bags in the same way!

    It is a sickness though. I wish I could find a cure cuz my bank account would be A LOT happier!

  11. What's so strange?!:p
  12. Even my purse-enabling guy sometimes gets bored and/or daunted by the purse fetish. He said, in a fit of pique this week: "What about SHOES? Why don't you buy some SHOES - which you NEED?"

    But shoes aren't the same. And they never fit - I have feet that don't want to wear shoes much less be fashionable. The only pair I have that work for me are a pair of men's Lowe hiking boots. And sandals.

    Today I decided I'd work on my wishlist, not buy any bags, and attempt to wear some of the dozens of pairs of medium height sandals I've collected, to show goodfaith.

    It's not just purses, it's not just purses.

    (Except, actually, I've been this way about portable leather containers since childhood - I'm sure most of you know exactly what I mean).
  13. I love my vert twiggy - she is yummy! Congratulations on yours! :yes:
  14. eh.. that's why i don't like to deal with SO's. If you bought if with your own hard earned money and you don't have joint checking, he has no say in anything you buy what so ever!