Got My New Tods Shoes....chunkier Looking Than I Thought

  1. [​IMG]what do you think.....??????:huh:
  2. I like them!! very gladiatorial! I know what you mean abotu the chunky, its the thick strap across teh top that gives that impresion, but I honestly don't think it looks out of place.

    I'd wear them & I'm the girliest of girls you could meet! I feel my feet are over dressesd if theres more than two straps holding the sole to my foot!:biggrin: (ok, thats an exaggeration, but I'd still wear them!)
  3. Sexy!
  4. I think they're cute! And they look great with your red pedi!
  5. they look very masculine-like gladiator sandals but yet also very comfy. They look great on your feet Jill so do what makes you happy.
  6. They look great Jill. Nice manicure BTW.
  7. like them!!!you have wonderful feet!:cool:
  8. You have cute feet :yes: .

    Jill I do see what you mean by chunky....if that bothers you,or doesn't go with your clothing,then don't keep them.

    But shoes are hard to judge close-up,since we usually see them from some distance away.If you love them you'll rock them:biggrin: .
  9. I love them and I think your feet look ooh la la in them! They are keepers!
  10. Well I think they give off a good casual but dressier look, but you'd have to see if they go with your wardrobe. They definitely have that Grecian/gladiator vibe.
  11. I love them! They look really nice on you!
  12. I like them a lot!! They look a little "rocker chic"....
  13. I love them.:heart:
  14. I think they are very cute and they look good on. I would definitely like them even more without the thicker strap but i dont think it makes them look bad.
  15. lovely shoes, lovely feet!