Got my new sunnies from let-trade! WOO HOO!

  1. So, after only three days in transit (THANKS, let-trade!:tup:), my new sunnies are HERE!!!:yahoo:This is my second pair (only in a dif. color) of Obsession Carre sunglasses!:heart: LOVE them to pieces! SO COMFY!!!

    PICT6434.jpg PICT6433.jpg PICT6435.jpg

    I am NOT modelling sunglasses today so here is a pic of Angie Harmon modelling them on my behalf (besides, she is a far better model than I am)!:lol:

    untitled.jpg untitled6.jpg
  2. Oh puhlease, That is you! You are sooo Angie Harmon (actually prettier), and ps: you look fab with the polly too!!! The sunnies are to die for, darn, I skipped the Cartier ones in Vegas, but got Dior, Grrrlz gotsta have new sunnies for July!

  3. Ooh great choice-congrats!
  4. We want modeling pics! :smash:
    We want modeling pics! :smash:
    We want modeling pics! :smash:

    Besides, I want to add to the collection of pics I have of you modeling your bags :graucho: :lol: :wlae:
  5. Congrats!
    They look very cute.
  6. Those are soooo cute! Loving them!
  7. i love these sunnies!! congrats!!! and please model them for us when you get a chance!! show angie harmon who rocks them better than her! :tup:
  8. Congrats -- they are really cute!
  9. congrats love the shades.
  10. I've been looking at these! I love them. Congrats!
  11. LOVE them!!!!
  12. C'mon Irene, you've modeled 100's of times on this forum!!! ;)

    I'm sure they look just fabulous on you! Everyone seems to really be happy with their purchases from Let-Trade! Congrats!!!
  13. You go girl! I love these sunnies. Great choice:tup::tup:
  14. Congrats! Very cute... Now pics plz!:flowers:
  15. We definitely need a modeling pic!!
    Great choice of sunnies!!