Got my new Sabrina today. Is this how it is supposed to look?


Feb 8, 2009
...BEAUTIFUL magenta color. Ordered from and was told they only had a few left. I was so happy to get it. However, there seems to be quite a few imperfections in the leather. On the top near the zipper there appears to be a scratch and looks like a couple dark spots and scuffs on the front. The shoulder strap was inside the bag (not sure if this is normal packaging). I know there can be irregularities on the leather but is this typical? The rest of the bag is perfect, but I paid full price for this. Perhaps if I picked it up on a good deal at an Outlet but for $400 I did not think it would look like this.

Can someone tell me if this is to be expected? My only other Coach bags are a Patchwork and a black patent Sabrina so I don't know.

I am really bummed because I suspsect if this is not how it is supposed to look there will not stock left to do an exchange.

May 27, 2008
When I got my magenta Sabrina it had a few imperfections as well but in the end because of those imperfections I wasn't so worried about her getting wrecked so for the first time I was able to use a bag totally carefree and guess what! It made me love her even more! I paid full price for mine too but in the end decided that since it was the last available in canada at the time that I would keep it. Mine had a scratch which with use and rubbing just with my finger came out completely. But I do have other scratches on it because it scratches quite easily but with more use they show less and less. Also mine had some tiny brown (the size of a pin prick) marks around the zipper, apparently there have been several magenta sabrina's with these. But I say if they imperfections really bother you, get another one. The magenta is a beautiful colour though and I've never gotten as many compliments on a bag as I have with the magenta. I wouldn't trade mine for anything, imperfections and all :smile:


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I would imagine that this is a bag that has already been sent back! I can't believe they even had a FEW of the leather Magenta Sabrina's left! This is what leads me to believe that the few they have are bags that were "unsatisfactory" to other customers!!!

Do you have a boutique near you??? If so I'd take it in! You may want to weight for others to weigh in as they may have been able to "buff out" some of the scartches on their Sabrina's! She's a GORGEOUS bag, so best of luck!!!
Jul 5, 2007
I had a problem with my Madison Shoulder Bag... The leather look weird, like they over glazed it and the plastic looked crispy.... I would return it, if it bother you a lot.


Sep 25, 2008
My magenta had some scratches when I bought her. She was the last one at the boutique and I had both a credit letter and a PCE burning a hole in my pocket so I got her anyways! Wore her once and now she hangs on my closet door. I'll wear her when it stops raining. It's up to you on the return...I know I wouldn't have paid full price for mine in the condition she was in at the boutique.

summer 71

Aug 9, 2007
i had a few imperfections on my black one i exchanged it but the other one also had a few scuff marks here and there so i guess its the leather.


Sep 4, 2008
I would look into getting it exchanged if possible! Definitely call customer service and hopefully they have another one left you can exchange it for. My cherry sabrina arrived with the handle inside also, but there aren't any imperfections on the leather or any marks.


Jun 6, 2008
I ordered the magenta Julianne recently and had to send it back also.
There were darker streaks on it where the dye ran. I've read a few other posts regarding the magenta color. I wonder if there is something about that color that is a problem when making the bags.
I do love the magenta color though!


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Dec 8, 2008
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