Got my NEW Maxi Red Lambskin GHW (*Pics Inside*)

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  1. I LOVE IT :heart:! I love the size and I actually prefer the 'shorter' chain straps. No wings on mine, thank goodness :P
    (Sorry no 'natural lights' pictures as it was dark by the time I got home today :Push:smile:

    With Flash

    Without Flash

    Compared to my Jumbo Dark Burgundy Patent

    Another comparison

  2. GORGEOUS!! :nuts::heart: May I ask though, which pic shows the color IRL the best? And modeling pics pretty please? CONGRATS on a truly beautiful purchase!!
  3. It's very beautiful and I love the shape! Congratulations!
  4. Its beautiful! congratulations
  5. the color.. congrats!!
  6. congrats, it's gorgeous..
  7. I LOVE it - beautiful! congratulations
  8. Gorgeous. Congrats!
  9. Have you tried putting some things inside the bag and carrying it to see if wings appear?
  10. Congrats! I love the shorter chain too. I like how it looks messenger now. My jumbo was way too long for messenger and Im tall. I think the wings were on the caviar maxis. Im getting a black lambskin maxi with gold hw and I cant wait!

    Great pics!
  11. Wow :drool:
  12. So gorgeous ... such a fabulous color! Would love to see some modeling pics! Congrats on your maxi and enjoy!
  13. so gorgeous, congrats!
  14. congrats!!!! hoping to see some modelling picss!!!
  15. Wow, such a wonderful colour!