got my new loot....

  1. I was in Hong Kong yday, on a stop over business trip and was disappointed bec LV Cabas Mezzo was out of stock, so got mysleff a new Gucci's suede and pink....:yes:
    And i placced in the overhead cabin and forgot all about it. i was already at the conveyor belt waiting for my luggage when i saw the FA holding to a gucci paperbag--- she asked me to describe it and then peeked to check since it was still sealed. And I got it, sorry... will post pics later.
  2. congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  3. i have the matching wallet!
  4. ooh - pics please:yes:
  5. OMG, how could you forget the poor little bag!
  6. sorry, guys.... been havign some prob w camera.. will try to post pics.. yeah, exactly, ClareBC! how could i forget!?!
  7. since i still cant postthe pic of the acctual bag, here's a pic that i got from their site... i got a hobo... the same as the brown gucci but in Pink suede....
    130738_F4DYG_9773.jpg pink suede.jpg
  8. wow congrats!
  9. Congratulations! It's a good thing the FA came out with your bag.. I would've died if I left a Gucci bag on the plane
  10. Oh.. I bet that is very cute in pink suede!! Congratulations!
  11. That is so adorable!!!:tender:
  12. Wooww...never seen anything like that! Sounds very very pretty!! Congrats - and I'm soooo glad you didn't lose it!
  13. Great choices, that pink bag is gorgeous!
  14. Wow u r so lucky! The bag looks great!
  15. Congratulations!!! The bag is so gorgeous :nuts:
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